Got any questions for the creator of Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record?

Wildman, the person behind the upcoming Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record, has agreed to answer our questions in a written interview. If any of you have questions you think would be worth asking, please post them here and we’ll see if we can include them!


How many levels will the game have?

What will the gameplay be like? For example: in Panzer Dragoon Saga you could use Berserk techniques. Or will it just be aiming the gun and shooting along with dragon homing lasers?


How will the story be presented, if at all? Will there be an episode intro telling us that Lundi or Kyle or Edge had such an encounter, and then we’ll proceed to play that level? Or it’s just an arcade mode taking you from level to level with no context as if it’s a new non-canon journey to start and end with the final boss?

How has the game evolved since their The Gunner of Dragoon prototypes? Should we not look at those?

Will we be able to alter the dragon’s course at all to dodge or is it just shooting so a simpler game than the originals despite the more immersing first person view & seamless 360 degrees? Maybe we dodge some fire by leaning as it’s all trained to lock on us rather than the on-rails dragon’s body? Is there a radar?

Will there be crosshair/tracers or is it like a lightgun game with part of the challenge being to aim well/fast?


Is Mr. Wildman interview up somewhere? Or is he still taking questions in regards to PDVR?

Whoever could answer this but didn’t, thanks.

I should have updated the topic but no, the questions have already been forwarded. The interview isn’t up yet.

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Ok thanks.