Good Picture of Edge's Dragon Required

… I know this is odd for me to ask, but do any of you know where I could find a picture of it that’s not computerized? You know, like a sketch?

I need it for a kind-of little project I’m tryin’ to do…

Go to Lagi’s site, if it’s not there then it doesn’t exist… Unless you mean fanart which then you should look the art section on this site…

I don’t care. I’ll check both. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Orta, try this on for size.

Any particular dragon form you have in mind?

If you show us the dragon you had in mind i could TRY and scetch it for you
Although Im not sure how good it will be I have been on an are corse befor!

Nah. Not really. Just the basic dragon would be nice. :slight_smile: You know, like the way it looked in the very beginning? But I ain’t picky.

I might use the one TSE recommended. It looks nice… … agoonx.jpg … c_wing.jpg


Just so you know, the reason I need them is because I have a friend named Roeper who makes a living making custom shirts. :slight_smile: So I decided to bug him with getting a PDS one.

Then why didn’t you say so?!!I got jsut the pic right here…

goes search

0.0 I just made myself an Atolm t-shirt…

This is the right one.

Btw, I’m sorry I deleted it from my hardrive…

…I had that exact same pic whitout that white thing :frowning:

Thanks again. You guys are more helpful than first thought…