God of War

Hey guys,
I know people are talking about this game everywhere.
I didn’t expect much of the game but since it got perfect scores everywhere, I had to try it and oh boy… what an amzing game.
I have never played a God of War game before. But if you own a PS4, you HAVE to get this.
I think this has become my favorite PS4 game and it might be in my all times TOP3 games.

It is an action RPG, the gameplay feels great & satisfying, the art direction, the lore are beautiful, graphics are stunning but more importantly, they serve the coherence of the game and consequently, they serve the gameplay & immersion.

If you start the game, I recommend switching the camera to ‘immersion’ once you are familiar with the basics. So once you reached the big main lake, you should be good to switch to immersion camera & enjoy the game in its glory.

I’ll try to add some captures asap.

I remember trying the older God of War titles, but quickly found them not to be my thing. Perhaps it was the beat up nature, or unrelatable protagonist. I’ve played and finished other games in the genre such as Shinobi (PS2) and the first Bayonetta, but I wasn’t heavily into these games, so it could be that I’d simply had enough of genre by the time I got to God of War. These days I’m more selective when it comes to new triple AAA games as well, so I can’t say I’ve been following the new God of War closely.

That said, the new God of War’s focus on the story of a father and his son does look like a refreshing change of focus.

Also, this article is interesting:

That’s also what I though when watching previous God of War games on youtube, very Bayonettish. And this genre is not necessarily my favorite. I played the Bayonetta games because they came on Switch and the portability was a game changer here.

But to me this episode is more of an action RPG. Again, if you own a PS4, you have to get this game.

The way GoW is structured is also a relief from existing open world games.

I finally got around to playing through this. I agree, it’s a must play PS4 game, one of the best on the system. This was exactly where the franchise needed to go, both from a story and gameplay point of view.

The story addresses the toxic masculinity of the previous games. Kratos is on a new path, but has not fully escaped his past way of thinking. It contrasts with how his son perceives the world, offering a fresh perspective that often missing from action games.

The game does a great job at integrating the story, characters, and lore into a cohesive whole. Even the shopkeepers play a significant part in the story. You control both Kratos and his son as they journey through a stunning array of fantasy realms. The controls move Kratos around, his main weapon is an axe that can be thrown and magically drawn back again, but you can also direct arrows that his son will fire at enemies, giving both characters a purpose in both the story and the gameplay.

If you have a PS4, give this a try, even if you didn’t like the previous games. When exploring and in combat, it feels very fluid, like a modern Uncharted or Tomb Raider game. It’s a sequel (technically God of War 4), but it’s also a soft reboot in many ways, an ideal place to start on a series that will no doubt have further entries.