Go Puzzle!

Over the weekend I downloaded the trial version of Sumo Digital’s “Go Puzzle!” on the Playstation Network Store.

While all three games are more than passable, have online play, and a spitload of polish on them … it was the surprise notation of “EYETOY COMPATIBLE” on the PS-Store’s banner ad that made me drop the $6 for the “full version”.

Sadly, (and I’m totally beyond this type of non-research, so the only person I have to blame is myself) the only EyeToy compatibility the games have is an in-game “online chat” video window during online play.

And, while that’s a neat function that really hasn’t been implemented yet on the PS3 … I was really hoping for some EyeToy Play type puzzle action :anjou_disappointment:
I wanted to move some blocks with my hands … not have people watch me furrow my brow as I try to figure out which colors to “swizzle around” in an online game of “Swizzle-Blocks”.

Oh well. It’s still a really neat little pack of puzzle games, and worth the low low price tag if you’re looking for some Tetris Attack / Puzzle Fighter / Columns / STYLE puzzling fun on your PS3.