Gizmondo: the Portable X-Box?

This thing just won best of CES: … ag=nl.e404

[quote]Gizmondo has taken the wraps off an eponymous portable gaming device that’s a Swiss Army Knife among handheld consoles. In addition to being an on-the-go gaming platform, the Gizmondo delivers wireless text messaging and e-mail, GPS capabilities, a digital camera, and a portable video player.

The device, which will be available in retail stores this spring, is meant to go head-to-head with the PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo DS. The slickly designed Gizmondo runs on the Microsoft Windows CE.NET 4.2 OS and uses Windows Media Player for playback of digital audio and video. It includes an SD slot for storage.

To maximize gaming capabilities, it features the Nvidia GeForce 3D 4500 graphics solution. Gizmondo says that 12 games will be available at launch; so far, the company has agreements with Electronic Arts, Activision, Sega, and Microsoft.

Tech specs include:

400MHz Samsung ARM9 processor and 64MB of RAM

TFT display with 240x320 resolution

Built-in 640x320-resolution digital camera

Battery life rated for 3.5 hours

The price: The Gizmondo will sell for $399, which is a pretty sweet price for a feature-packed device.[/quote]

This thing is shaping up to being the third pilar of the portable war, just like the X-Box. And so far it’s all up in the X-Box zone with so many features Sony forgot to give inside the machine. And it use SD cards, a plus…

So i it the Big Green Machine’s little brother, or just another roadkill for Nintendo?

It looks cool.I’m impressed.

Just as long as they don’t try to make it work as a cellphone too.

“You bought a Gizmondo, didn’t you?”

Battery life rated for 3.5 hours

The battery life could be better. I’d expect at least five hours for a long car trip.

Other than that it looks like quite a powerful little piece of hardware. The software, however, will determine whether it’s worth paying that price for.

Could be quite cool. I should really get into modern gaming… :anjou_embarassed:

I still can’t really grasp the fact that the Nintendo DS is apparently going to be more powerful than the N64… We need a portable Saturn!! :anjou_happy:

Yeah, I hate quite a lot of these modern mobile phones…

[quote=“Some idiot”]It’s a phone. But it also goes on the internet, plays games, has GPS and makes your tea!

Here, have a rubbishy sounding ringtone; it’s only ?4![/quote]

I need to pick up an XBox soon, and a copy of Orta. I see that my local Gamestation has the game at a nice price, though - but for how long? :anjou_disappointment:

Probably a good long while. I’ve seen plenty of copies lying around at various game stores, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

I saw an advert for the Gizmondo a few months ago. Until then, I’d never heard of it.

I conclude that it will fail horribly. For the reason it doesn’t have the word “SONY” typed on it.

For a portable device, even one with al those features packed in, $400 is pretty steep. Why wouldn’t someone just buy a console with that money? Also features such as the digital camera are very low quality. I want to see what the games at launch are going to be personally.

[quote=“Arcie”]I saw an advert for the Gizmondo a few months ago. Until then, I’d never heard of it.

I conclude that it will fail horribly. For the reason it doesn’t have the word “SONY” typed on it.[/quote]

Or ninentdo or m$ for that matter. The change of a new comer into the console buisnes is now rather unlikely…

Sega’s unpopularity… :anjou_sad:

Microsoft’s high prices and frequent release schedules… :anjou_sigh:

Sony in general… :anjou_angry:

My lack of real gaming knowledge… :anjou_embarassed:

Not entirely sure that the Gizmondo belongs exclusively in the handheld gaming category. It’s more of a pocket PC than anything, with the capability of playing games. When you think of it that way, the price tag isn’t so bad, but as a gaming device? Unthinkable.

From what I understood they are trying to market it as a game device in the same area as PSP and DS.