Give Knytt Stories a try, it's a highly atmospheric game

I think anyone who has played and enjoyed ICO will like these two highly simplistic yet beautiful games. Don’t judge it too harshly at first. It has a style of it’s own that draws you into it’s world. The music sets the mood for every place in the game and the gameplay is simple yet addictive. You will never get board of the great level design. So, are you board this afternoon? Want to play something different for a change? Give Knytt Stories a try! The games are free to download:


Knytt Stories:

Argh. Too much. I’ve already got a lot of free games on my laptop. XD My two big vices are Fly for Fun and Fiesta. Both games are HUGE files, though.

I can’t recommend those games enough either. My blog’s first post is actually about Knytt if anyone is interested Nothing too in-depth.

Here are some third party Knytt games I recommend:


Oh my god this game is awesome!!! Remember: don’ eat the mushroom!

Vengeance by Bass

The music and game design in this one is just awesome, somewhat reminiscent of Castlevania! A must play.

Colors by rrc2soft

Great Story and custom made music. Bring the color back to a dying world.

Gustav’s daughter by Nifflas

A great adventure full of challenge and fun.

A Walk at Night

While this is only one level, the atmosphere is just relaxing and mysterious.

You can find these wonderful Knytt games here:

I’ll post more once I discover their greatness!