Giri Giri Save Games

Hey Lance- I just noticed the save games on how did you get past all the little crashes and what not? That is awesome- thanks!

Hey, you’re welcome.

What I realised was that the emulator only crashed in those places when running at full speed. Basically, it would miss its cue to load up the next scene (in all cases a pre-set battle) and just get stuck. I remedied this by simply switching over to my low-spec laptop whenever I needed to get past one of those points. Running at only half speed, GiriGiri never encountered those problems at all.

I’ve been unable to actually finish the game though, because the emulator would always crash and reset to the System Settings / CD player menu when it reached the credits sequence. Exactly the same thing happens with Panzer Dragoon Zwei, so I suspect that the credit rolls are stored as some kind of file that the emulator doesn’t support. If anyone has been able to get around this problem though, I’d be interested to find out…

I finish the Game with your Save :slight_smile:
(needed to for some screenshots :))
Some one is interested ?

And the Staff works great for Zwei too o_O
But there are bugs in the Panzer Dragoon staff :confused:

[quote=“oXydo CHRONOS”]And the Staff works great for Zwei too o_O
But there are bugs in the Panzer Dragoon staff :/[/quote]

Maybe it’s just my PC, then. GiriGiri does seem to be very sensitive to hardware setups…

Did you have a problem with the fight against Azel at the end of disc 1? I noticed that EVERY time Edge said one of his lines right before the fight, the voice would skip all the sudden and then it would just freeze (actually the game keeps going since everything is still moving and the music keeps playing, it’s just that the conversation doesn’t go on and you can’t do anything). Oh, and I’m pretty sure there’s a program or something out there that lets you use up your CPU speed (or just set Virtualdub to encode something and give it maximum priority).

Yep, that’s what I was referring to in my first reply, above: the emulator usually gets “stuck” in several specific places throughout the game, in exactly the way you’re describing. For example, it can happen at the Gigra boss, the first Atolm Dragon boss, the Guardian Dragon boss, the battles with Craymen’s Fleet over Uru, the third Atolm Dragon boss, all the battles in the Disc 3 Tower, just before Sestren and in other places too.

For anyone wanting to play through the game themselves, that would be worth keeping in mind. I just took the low-tech approach because that was how I discovered that the “stuck-scenes” could be avoided in the first place.

I should point out that I’m only assuming it to be the speed that the Emulator runs at, BTW; it possibly might not be. But from what I can tell, the slower your PC, the less chance you have of the emulator getting “stuck” in those places.