Getting a Panzer Dragoon tattoo: Need assistance

That’s right, gang. Yours truly has lined up a Panzer Dragoon themed tattoo and he knows exactly what he wants. I intend to get an outline of the dragon crest from the beginning of PDS on my foot, however I can’t seem to find a good enough screenshot or artwork to use as a stencil. Can anyone help a brother out? :anjou_happy:

here you go.

Um, that’s Azel, not a dragon crest :anjou_embarassed:


Thanks Chris, I think that may be the best image I’ll be able to get online. I guess what I’ll end up doing is drawing a clearer version myself and taking it to the tattoo parlor. Nothing wrong with hand-drawn tattoos!

I vote that this is pretty much the best tattoo ever?


That just gave me a boner. Thank you dear :anjou_love:


That just gave me a boner. Thank you dear :anjou_love:[/quote]

Glad to be of service. =D

Ohhh I cannot wait to see. Be sure to share!

I am currently debating getting a Panzer Tattoo in the future. :slight_smile:

Does anyone here have a Panzer tattoo? Azel_Saga from the old Panzer Dragoon club had a mean tattoo of the Imperial logo on his upper leg.