Geoffrey Duke's Sky Rider theory

Geoffrey, I find your theory ( … theory.php) very interesting! I, too, would like to believe that Lundi was the Sky Rider. The most convincing arguments for this belief, to me, are the overlapped images of the dragons and riders from Epilogue D. I agree regarding the way that the Sky Rider talks about the dragon and his mission at PD’s opening; surely, if he was a new and separate character with enough history with the dragon to speak with such urgency and emotion, that character would have been introduced by now. There’s something about the short listen that we get to his voice as well . . . I’d like to think that it sounds similar to Lundi’s from Zwei.

Have there been any developments or further discussions regarding this topic? All comments are welcome, as this is a very interesting subject. I’m sorry if this has been covered a thousand times before!

Someone may yet come up with the exact quote, but it’s been stated by one of the creators that it’s not Lundi. I have always believed it’s a drone, and I prefer to think it’s the other drone mentioned in the records in the Underground Ruins of Uru. But that’s largely cause I want there to be a couple of major twists in the backstory of Azel and the Ancient Rebels…

If there hadn’t been a PD Saga, then we can safely say that it would have been more fitting for the mysterious rider to have been Lagi’s original rider.

But alas…

I was just in love with the idea of someone sacrificing their life for a greater good. I would have liked it to have been him, then that sacrifice would have had some greater meaning, while viewers were never directly told who he was, but given enough reason to suspect. That’s the beauty of it, even if it’s not the case.

I thought that Lagi and the Panzer Dragoon dragon were two seperate entities. >.>;; Who then in Saga/Azel fused into one entity.

So what amount of luck would you need to have to be able to get chosen by two dragons?

I always liked the idea that Lundi lived to a ripe old age with the Seekers.

The way in which Zwei (canonically) ends with a dragon (Lagi) in the Solo Wing form, while “Eins” begins with another, makes me want to believe that we are intended to recognise the connection - and I would like to believe that there was a similar connection between the two games’ riders. As I have said, I find the most compelling evidence to be the overlapping images identified by Geoffrey. While not entirely unambiguous, they’re the kind of things that you just want to find significance in!

However, the fact that Zwei ends with Lagi in Shelcoof’s Dragon Crest - which is later discovered by Edge and instrumental in bringing the Solo Wing dragon back into existence - cannot be ignored. This, in turn, throws up numerous questions about how many dragons there are and which is which. I’d like to think that there are two: the Solo Wing (Lagi from Zwei) and the dragon from Saga, which become one. But the question is raised: if Lagi ends Zwei inside Shelcoof, yet ventures forth again in “Eins”, why does he end up back inside that damned crest? :anjou_sad:

If the original game didn’t exist, this world would make a lot more sense!

Well, if this wallpaper from the official site is anything to go by it would appear that Lagi and the First game/Saga dragon are two seperate entities. (as there’s no arrow connecting them)

OK… so would that then mean Lagi never actually evolved to the Blue Dragon? Since that’s the form where the arrows end I mean… or for that matter does it mean Glide Wing and Heavy Wing are separate entities from Base Wing? Oops, I almost missed the arrow connecting Arm Wing to the Dragon Pup, so in reality… none of them are Lagi?!?

exit screen left

Leaving those oddities aside, it personally makes more sense to me if Lagi stayed inside the Crest until Edge stumbled upon it (and thus got a sparking new tiny body) rather than it exiting and (re-)evolving into Solo Wing (and meeting up again with Lundi according to the Sky Rider = Lundi theory) all well before the first game begins. (And even then you still have the “two dragons” idea out there)

That’s cool, I have a lot of far fetched notions that make sense to me personally… but I do try to avoid grasping at every possible semantic scrap - in this case visual semantics - in order to sell them. :anjou_love:

So, is “Eins”’ dragon a completely separate one in most members’ opinions?

As I said, take that game away and everything’s simple again . . . :anjou_wow:

Some of us think that it is the same dragon in all four Panzer games.

The baby dragon that came out of the crest in Shelcoof might not have been Lagi himself. One theory is that he may be Lagi’s son, a clone of Lagi left behind inside the crest.

Right! We’ll have to find the director of the original 3 Panzer Dragoon games, corner him, and question him until every remaining secret is known!

Good luck with that (and I’m not being sarcastic)! :anjou_wow: