Gears of War 2 features Panzer Dragoon style gameplay


I haven’t played it, but judging by this video, Gears of War 2 might be a closest thing we’ll get to an Xbox 360 Panzer game.

Yeah, that part was awesome, thrilling actually! It, also reminded me of the Star Wars speeder bike parts from Episode 6! :anjou_happy:

I was hoping for some lock-on action. Well, still pretty sweet.

Yeah, it reminded me more of Return of the Jedi than anything else. It’s too awkward to control to be Panzerish. Good fun though.

O_- DARN YOU…this better not be a rick roll…clicks link that does look like PD,sweet^_^

Makes me wonder at the possibility… :anjou_disappointment:

It’s a good section. Just shows how incredible a PD game could look on 360/PS3. If only there was a PD coming to the 360. Dare to dream.

I caught myself tapping Y to change my Reaver type. Nothing happened.


Yeah, it started up and I was like “OMFG ITZ TEH PANZER DRAGOON!!!”

To be honest, though, the real rail shooting segment wasn’t nearly long enough. Sure, there were three full sections, but only the first was really true to PD. Dodging missiles and unleashing a volley of missiles onto the turrets was a huge blast from the past. I guess the latter bits were also like PD boss battles, but they were nowhere near as heart pounding as the PD version. Granted, blowing its face apart was satisfying.

A segment of the game paling in comparison only to when you ride a mutha fucking Brumak. That was an awesome ending to an equally awesome game. =D

Bloody hell , I just made it to that level last night , and wow it just shows what could be done. It is and feels very much like Panzer Dragoon , only with the most insane visuals you’ll ever see. Its all a bit gutting , as it shows what the Panzer Team could do, but will most prob never get the chance too .

Its an awesome level , even some of the bullet patterns are almost straight from the 2nd boss in Ep 2

Hey!What is that supposed to mean? :anjou_angry:



Hey!What is that supposed to mean? :anjou_angry:[/quote]

It means that part of the game, features the most impressive visuals I’ve ever seen in any game and on any system ever. The motion Blur and Depth of field effects are just stunning .

Really shows to me what a Panzer Dragoon game could look like onthe 360/PS3 . Trouble is it would cost a bomb to make and sell like crap no doubt :frowning: