Gay marriage in Fable

RUMOR #5: Fable’s story line will allow for gay marriage.

Source: A brief mention in the Lionhead Times, the official newsletter of the Xbox RPG’s developer.

The official story: “Gay marriage hasn’t been dropped.”–LHT article.

What we heard: Besides saying the mammoth RPG will have four different endings, include 22,000 lines of dialogue, and sport soccer games with severed heads, the LHT article mentions that the gay-marriage option has been retained. That’s right, gay marriage. A quick explanation: Since Fable follows a character from the cradle to the grave, marriage has always been one aspect of the epic RPG. Apparently, Peter Molyneux and the rest of the Lionhead crew thought it would add depth to allow for same-sex coupling–although it’s unclear how, er, explicit martial relations will be depicted in the M-rated game. There is also a chance that same-sex coupling might not make it in to the final version of the game. “In these final stages, the team has to make difficult decisions about certain features, and [it must determine] if certain bits are left in as they are or [are] completely canceled,” said the LHT article.

Taken from Gamespot : … 00959.html

Lionheart cares for ya Shadow!

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Wow, I never saw this.

“Lionhead”, n00blet.

Oh my lord. Georgie-Porgie-Pudding-and-Pie will have to invade their studio to prevent America following into the hands of the Axis of Evil.

[quote=“Shadow”]Wow, I never saw this.

“Lionhead”, n00blet.[/quote]

Heart = Care hence the little joke, n00blet :stuck_out_tongue:

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For some reason the school teacher in Bowerstone had a small heart above his head… I’m not sure why, as I don’t think I made my character flirt even once when I was standing next to him. I assume it’s possible to take that further, although I’m not entirely sure - my character was hetrosexual.

Yeah, he had a hard one for me too. But then, doesn’t everyone?

He proposed marriage to my character. 0.0

But then, three other guys also did In Fable too.

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