Gaming Gems: Tim Schafer?s Grim Fandango and Psychonauts!

Let me just say if you haven?t already played these games you should be slapping yourself in the face repeatedly! Let?s get started. If you don?t want to read through my thoughts on both games I?ll post a random video review before each discussion! But please let me know your thoughts on these two fantastic gems!

Grim Fandango:

Video Review:

Psychonauts has all the witty fun dialogue you?d come to expect just like Grim Fandango. Now this game is special because it explores the human mind. Things we keep hidden from the world. Raz, the protagonist finds himself infiltrating a psychic summer camp in the hope he can be trained to become a psychonaut before his few days are up.

The characters are reminiscent of Tim Burton, and have lots of charm: Each and every one is unique! You?ll explore Raz?s past, figure out the Milkman conspiracy, dive into the mind of a giant sea monster (Godzilla Style!) and move giant living chess peaces who aren?t afraid to give you a peace of their mind! Sound weird, confusing, creative? Good! It?s great stuff!

During your adventure you?ll get an assortment of Psychic powers:

The ability to light squirrels on fire ?uhem? I mean enemies!
Psychic marksmanship (shooting psychic power)
The ability to see yourself through others eyes (very amusing!)

Each world is a work of art: From the glow-in-the-dark Latin inspired graffiti level, to the twisting and turning town of the Milkman Conspiracy. Depth, creativity, and innovation are all here.

Well, that?s all of this edition of Gaming Gems, check out more videos of these amazing games on Youtube if you like and let me know what you think. I sure as hell haven?t played games this unique in a loooong time!Psychonauts

great games, but dont forget the other tim schafer games secret of monkey island, maniac mansion, day of the tentacle, and full throttle. which are all sweet to(if your okay with older graphics).
hes one of my favorite game designers, along with suda 51, Miyamoto, team ice, and clover(there sega now)

Yeah his other past games are good but not as good as Grim and Psychonauts. :anjou_happy: Well in my opinion anyway…