Gaming Gems: Terranigma!

This is my second time playing Terranigma, IMO one of the most wonderful SNES RPG’s ever made! Well, thanks to Zsnes of course (since it wasn’t released in the U.S)…

Have any of you? What do you think of it? It’s my second favorite aside from Chrono Trigger. That’s how good it is! Illusion of Gia is great too!

This awesome site explains it better than I could. Quite interactive too!

No Terranigma love here anybody? Have any of you played this gem?

Huge Terranigma fan here! :anjou_love:

I think it was my favorite game on the Super Nintendo, I remember wasting endless hours in it. It had a pretty big release in Germany, with TV ads and everything. In exchange we didn’t get Chrono Trigger. :anjou_sad:

All the unenlightened people should check out Let’s Play Terranigma on YouTube.