Gaming Gems: Snatcher and Policenauts

I just recently played these amazing games for the first time. From the mastermind of Hideo Kojima. And thanks to the fan translation I was able to play Policenauts on an emulator. (It’s the only way you’re ever going to play it!)

So let me tell you a little bit about these gems.

Snatcher: Sega CD/11/30/94

It’s basically an interactive novel sort of like a point and click but you just select from a list of choices (there are also segments where you actually have to shoot Snatchers on a 3x3 grid). There are some clever puzzles strung in along the way as well.

The game takes place in A.D. 2047. Neo Kobe Japan. You are Gillian Seed a detective who is tasked with putting down androids called Snatchers who kill and take the place of humans. It is very reminiscent of Blade Runner and that’s why the game appealed to me.

The characters are deep and compelling all having back stories to flesh them out. The story is very complex and intriguing for its time. This game also had its share of gore which was pretty intense for back then. Also for a Sega CD game this game had a lot of voice acting!

I believe the best version can be played on the Sega CD. But that’s my opinion I guess.

Policenauts: Playstation/JP 01/19/96/English patch-August 24, 2009

This is much like Snatcher but more refined and polished. It’s a cinematic adventure game taking place in the year 2013. You play as Jonathan Ingram, who is a "Policenaut, (astronauts with police training, assigned to ensure the safety of Beyond Coast, mankind’s first fully functional space colony).

A freak accident forces him to go into cryostasis waking up 25 years later. He meets up with his now very old friend and fellow Policenaut Ed Brown. They begin an investigation into the disappearance of Jonathan’s ex-wife’s husband Kenzo Hojo.

The game draws heavy inspiration from the Lethal Weapon movies. And you really get attached to these two characters and the circumstances surrounding them. Jonathan is sort (I use that term lightly LOL!) of a pervert and in the game you can actually slap the breasts of every girl you come across which makes for some hilarious dialogue between him and Ed.

There is also a part in the game where you have to defuse a bomb. Now, let me tell you: that is the most stressed out I have ever been in a video game, aside from playing Heavy Rain. I mean that in a good way though, as it is well thought out gameplay wise and feels real!

The game also deals with the hardships of living in space and how the human body has to cope with all of the dangers such as radiation and bone degradation due to lack of calcium. It’s all quite interesting and a major part of the story.

So in conclusion: I hope if any of you haven’t already played these two gems, go play them! What are you waiting for?!