Gaming Gems: Lifeless Planet

Lifeless Planet:

Here is another indie game that is quite simplistic, yet containing well constructed artistic design and balanced exploration.

You take the role of an astronaut sent on a one way mission to an alien planet. Upon arrival, the planet it seems, is devoid of all people and life. Which wasn’t supposed to be the case; leaving you with an ongoing intriguing mystery to solve. A strange woman soon appears, leaving behind unearthly green footsteps; leading you on further into the mysterious narrative.

You explore various areas finding clues such as text logs; shedding light as to what exactly happened to everyone as well as all of the plant life. There are subtle yet challenging platforming segments and puzzles involving a robotic arm and energy stones.

The areas all have a distinct feel to them ranging from giant rock formations with alien geology, Abandoned ruins, withered and maze like forests, and strange underground caverns.

The game length is just right too, at about 7 to 10 hours. It doesn’t drag on with mindless filler, is very engaging, and tells the narrative it set out to tell. I highly recommend it!

This game looks nice, I will have to give it a try some time.

It’s also quite astounding that one person made this game!

Yeah that is impressive. Using Unity, I assume?

Yes, I believe he used Unity. Very atmospheric and rich in detail. Some people are just so damn incredibly talented!