Gametap could publish Panzer Dragoon Saga

Unfortunately they aren’t in a hurry to do so. Here’s what GameTap told

That said, GameInsano also mentions that:

[quote]"According to Sorrow, GameTap wants to hear gamers? interest in the possibility of publishing Panzer Dragoon Saga.

Want to see Panzer Dragoon Saga live again? Tell GameTap about it. Send your letters to"[/quote]

Full article here:

Personally I think it would be awesome to be able to play a perfectly emulated PD Saga in high-res. I’ll certainly be sending an email to Sene regarding this and I hope the rest of the fans here will take the time to do the same and get our voices heard.

Damn, was just on my way here to mention this.

But yeah, should be awesome to get the good PDS name out there. Limited copies meant limited acknowledgment of the game as you all know :<

Maybe I’ll be on the train next year and over hear some people talking about PDS and smile.