GameTap Confirms PD + PD Zwei For Service … tory=13472

Following the recent news that Turner’s GameTap subscription PC ‘all you can eat’ gaming service has now added Sega Saturn games, the company has confirmed the seminal Panzer Dragoon and Panzer Dragoon Zwei as forthcoming titles.

Considering I’ve never played Zwei, this just might persuade me to subscribe for a month or two.

Hopefully the emulator is good enough to play games at full speed in high resolution; if it is, I can’t wait for it to be cracked so that it can play the entire Saturn library.

The monthly fee idea is a turn off - I’d prefer to pay a small one-off fee for older games, or simply pay for the emulator and use my own ISOs.

How many times should we have to pay to play the same games? I’m glad these games are being introduced to a wider audience, but at the same time it seems like they’re setting themselves up so that we will never truly be able to own copies of these games that will still be able to be played on hardware in twenty years time.

I honestly have to say I agree with Kadamose here. I simply can’t think buying a temporary license to these kinds of classic games as a worthy investment, so why even bother?

True, the fee is a stupid business model, I only hope the general public isn’t stupid enough to condone this kind of thing. I would actually not mind seeing something like that from the music industry, pay a small monthly fee and listen to any song you want, any time, anywhere (but only if it really was ALL songs, from all companies), but for video games it’s just stupid.

I wonder if their emulator is just a licenced version of the emulator used in the japanese offering of this type sometime ago (the one that got hacked and released as cassini) or if it’s something new and better. Cassini of course run many games in the hacked version but the official service also offered PD and Zwei if I’m not mistaken so for them to confirm these two it may mean something… In any case, maybe a better hacked version will come out of this though I seriously doubt any of the big name crackers out there will care for gametap or Saturn.