Games explicitly influenced by PDS?

I’m working on an article about the upcoming 20th anniversary of Panzer Dragoon Saga, and I’m trying to make a case that the game’s legacy lives on today (and not just through our fond memories of playing it). Are any of you aware of subsequent games (aside from Orta and other games developed by Panzer Dragoon veterans) whose developers have acknowledged PDS as an influence?

If not, are there any games that you personally think might owe a debt, big or small, to PDS?

Ones that I think owe a debt off the top of my head:

Elemental Gearbolt
Drakengard series

Also, the developers of the PD series, Team Andromeda have stated in the past that they were influenced from the now deceased artist Moebius (Jean Giraud)

One of his more popular comics was the Incal series.

Also, a major game series that took inspiration from Moebius was the Gravity Rush Series. If that helps.

Make sure Skies of Arcadia and Rez get a mention, both have a lot of Panzer in them.

I have never seen an open nod to PDS from a dev, and few enough to Panzer Dragoon in general. Kind of surprising but also not, since it is such an odd and rare product. The only other thing I have played which I think probably owes some direct inspiration is Enchant Arms, the most obvious element is simply the sensibility of the animation of all the golems; looking through the catalog is very reminiscent of looking at the defeated monsters in Azel. It was for me anyway.

Taro Yoko (Drakengard, Nier) mentioned Panzer Dragoon in an interview last year. The Panzer influence is perhaps most evident in Drakengard’s dragon-riding sections.

Not being able to name many similar games, just goes to show you how unique the world and design of Panzer Dragoon really is!..

The world and story of Horizon Zero Dawn definitely have some PDS parallels. Probably just a coincidence, but it’s hard not to notice.

Yeah, just asked Taro Yoko on Twitter, and he says he hasn’t played PDS.

Interesting. I don’t know the interviewer personally, but I do know that he’s an industry professional, so that discrepancy surprises me.

He has played Panzer Dragoon, just not PDS. He says he likes shooting-only games.

Oh, apologies for misunderstanding! Thanks for the clarification.