GameCube - Ikaruga and F-Zero GX

Aside from my crazy Saturn buying, I’ve also recently ordered a Datel Freeloader and a couple of nifty-looking NTSC games for my GameCube. I was wondering what (if anything) members here think of them.

I’m definitely looking forward to receiving and playing these games, as well as just using my GameCube in general! However, I really hope that I find the SCART cable for it - or it’s yet another trip to eBay.

All replies are welcome! :anjou_happy:

I own FZero GX. It’s a real blast and there’s heaps to do and to conquer. You’ve got the initial three cups and three difficulties (with more to unlock).
Custom machines, custom paintjobs and emblems. A story mode, time attack, multiplayer. You can unlock the arcade tracks and racers. Staff ghosts.

So there’s so much and it moves so fast. Awesome game, Nintendo should let SEGA handle more of its franshises :stuck_out_tongue:

You do know that you can just as well get PAL versions of Ikaruga and F-Zero GX right? o:

That said, both are grand games, although I’ve only actually played F-Zero, which is great fun, and helluvafast. XD

I may as well get 60Hz versions; it’s relatively easy and cheap to do so. PAL conversions inherently suffer a little anyway, and the PAL version of Ikaruga is supposedly a very bad conversion.

Yeah, I’m looking forward to GX, and getting owned by Ikaruga! Anyone have any success stories? :anjou_happy:

Success in beating Ikaruga? Yeah when I finally managed to unlock infinite lives. XD

FZero does well in PAL. 60hz and widescreen. Nothing to complain about.

Also it has the special cheat mode (50hz makes it that little bit easier as you’re going slower :P)

Haha, how I’ve missed out by buying the 60Hz-only version! =D I forgot just how many GC games offer the 60Hz mode.

To be honest, in my opinion every game should just output 60Hz by now; surely most users will have SCART or equivalent connections. Having said that, the companies don’t make it too easy by bundling inferior RF/composite leads with their consoles and insisting on a premium simply for a good picture. But I’m going off topic here . . . !