Game of Thrones episodic series by Telltale Games

Telltale Games are developing an episodic adventure game series based on HBO’s Game of Thrones series. … 0-6416603/

I’m curious about this because Telltale are known for their adventure games, which makes a change from your usual action game based on a TV or film series. Could be a good match for Game of Thrones.

However, I have not played any of their games to a great extent. Anyone here a fan?

I’ve never heard of their games but I am wondering what the quality control will be like.

Game of Thrones universe is pretty set in stone isn’t it? It isn’t like the Walking Dead where you could conceivably have things happening all over that don’t have any connection where as GOT has a lot of cannon you would have to account for before writing a story. Just not sure how well this one will work for them.

You could potentially have a Game of Thrones story that works around the main story, drawing on the events of the books but not crossing over them. There’s also hundreds of years of history; the game would take place anywhere on the timeline. It’s a large detailed world.

I wonder what would happen to Game of Thrones if they made it politically correct.

I guess Xena the warrior princess would show up somewhere.

I think it would cease to be Game of Thrones.

That’s one of the reasons why I liked The Sopranos as well. The gangstas are blatantly racist for example to the point where it was hilarious for them, but in the story you see through their eyes. It doesn’t sugar coat anything; it just shows you reality which is something people need to see.