Game Gear Micro

There’s a Game Gear Micro system coming out, around the size of a keychain.

Do you think Panzer Dragoon Mini will be part of it?

Looks like there’s a Sonic and Shining Force game included based on the ad.

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Cute novelty toy, a bit too small for much else. The trailer shows all the games, no Panzer Dragoon Mini.
Surprisingly there are several RPG games given the tiny screen though, haha. And that magnifier add on!

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What we got: this.
What nobody asked for: this.


I can’t imagine trying to play a game on a screen that small, and I don’t even have problems seeing things close up. Why even add a magnifier add on? Why not just make it reasonably larger?

It’s too small for most adult hands/fingers! Sadly, all it is good for is to put on a key chain.

Its just a quirky collectors item toy, you arent really supposed to play games on it, its just interesting that it is capable

That is why they all have different games on them