Got this last week and Im enjoying this game.
Graphically it doesnt look that hot. Nice graphics on the villages, and brilliant draw distance (looks vast). Stuff like the characters models and fire/lava effects would look dated 5 years ago though. And the water effects while ok should have been better.

Sonically this game is quite simply brilliant. Fantastic voice acting (great script), and great music score and effects.

Controls for the most part are spot on (apart from when you have to pick stuff up). Camera is great too (for the most). Stuff like climbing the walls and running across multi platforms in a joy in this game. It like controlling Jackie Chan and Spider man in one

Great gamplay and level design . Think Tomb Raider meets POP, and Sinbad/Spiderman.

Combat system in this game could have been done better (especially after Ninja Gadien).Gets a bit fiddly at times, still ok thought and doesn’t spoil the game too much.

Gamplay shines through and helps save the day. Reall nice adventure game. With great voice acting, plot, level design and vast areas to explore.

Shame it didnt come out 4/5 years ago (when it was meant too). As this will no doubt be overlooked, especially after the likes of NG, POP (I bet the developers got some ideas from Galleon).

If you can overlook the graphics and some of the flaws youll enjoy and get a great adventure .

Hope Toby Gard has better luck next time

I want this game.I’ve ehard it took 6 years of development!!
Apart from the garphics I heard it’s very good.Im looking forward for the script.
I kindda like of what I’ve seen so far.The style mainly…