Galerider (new dragon riding rail shooter)



It looks quite good from the trailer. It will be interesting to see how well it plays with touch controls though. I use iOS, so I’ll get a copy when it’s released in October and let you all know.


How original…At least maybe it will be better than Crimson Dragon…


Considering how few of these games are released, a new but unoriginal game might not be a bad thing.


Lol this made me chuckle. If you are going to mimic something so closely I’d try going more for pd than crimson dragon though.

I’m not a fan of the tablet format but I might just buy this.


Yes, it remains to be seen how well this will play on a phone or tablet. Mobile gaming puts the form factor first and foremost; the fact that you always have the complete device with you, that lack of overhead gives mobile platforms a significant advantage for pragmatic reasons. Even though I’m sure we would rather play this with a controller, I also think touch control games shouldn’t be dismissed too quickly either for this reason. And there may not be another platform that a rail shooter could survive on in 2018.


I remember reading they’re using pre-made assets from the UE4 marketplace to make the game, as they’re a small team. That said, the game looks interesting enough.


The game has been delayed. They’re still hoping for an October release though.


New release date (October 10), screenshots, and trailer:


Has anyone else played Galerider? I quite enjoyed it.


You can only play this on an iPhone? Nothing else…


At the moment it’s an iPhone exclusive, yeah. They want to make an Android version eventually.


It still isn’t available in my region… weird since it’s been a while the game released.


You could ask Orion Arts why there has been a delay. I wonder if they’re working on a translation?


@Eliot-Ness: Daniel Choo from Orion Arts emailed this to me: “Our aim is to release a more polished build (with localization if possible) to the other regions where English is less commonly used; such as France, South America, Germany and Japan.”


I’ve posted some questions I asked the team behind Galerider. Hopefully I captured the main questions that the community has about the game… were there any other burning questions?


I loved the article :wink: All the main points were there. I hope many of you will continue enjoying the game ^^


It’s pretty evident they were inspired by the Panzer Dragoon series. I think you should have asked:

Did you derive any key inspirations from the Panzer Dragoon Series? Galerider looks and plays very similarly. Did any creative aspects from that series inspire you to create or improve upon Galerider’s rail shooting gameplay?


I thought it was best not to ask about Panzer Dragoon explicitly for legal reasons.


What sort of legal reasons? Isn’t it their own work? I mean other than it being a rail shooter and dragon riding game?..


It has wisely been marketed as something completely seperate from Panzer Dragoon. If a game is considered too similar it puts it at risk of being removed from the App Store. Something similar happened to a number of brick games that were considered too similar to Tetris.