Galerider (new dragon riding rail shooter)



It looks quite good from the trailer. It will be interesting to see how well it plays with touch controls though. I use iOS, so I’ll get a copy when it’s released in October and let you all know.


How original…At least maybe it will be better than Crimson Dragon…


Considering how few of these games are released, a new but unoriginal game might not be a bad thing.


Lol this made me chuckle. If you are going to mimic something so closely I’d try going more for pd than crimson dragon though.

I’m not a fan of the tablet format but I might just buy this.


Yes, it remains to be seen how well this will play on a phone or tablet. Mobile gaming puts the form factor first and foremost; the fact that you always have the complete device with you, that lack of overhead gives mobile platforms a significant advantage for pragmatic reasons. Even though I’m sure we would rather play this with a controller, I also think touch control games shouldn’t be dismissed too quickly either for this reason. And there may not be another platform that a rail shooter could survive on in 2018.


I remember reading they’re using pre-made assets from the UE4 marketplace to make the game, as they’re a small team. That said, the game looks interesting enough.


The game has been delayed. They’re still hoping for an October release though.


New release date (October 10), screenshots, and trailer:


Has anyone else played Galerider? I quite enjoyed it.


You can only play this on an iPhone? Nothing else…


At the moment it’s an iPhone exclusive, yeah. They want to make an Android version eventually.