Future Panzer Dragoon trailers

The FMV sequence that plays at the beginning of Paner Dragoon Saga left me buzzing with awe the first time I gazed upon its magnificence…

Ok, ok: forget the pretentious descriptions. Let’s just say the uniqueness of that sequence of FMV moments moved me. All the Orta demos I’ve seen seemed to show off the in-game graphics more than the gripping story elements.

The best trailor I have ever seen is the Warcraft 3 trailer. Now this is how Sega should market the next RPG in the Panzer Dragoon series. Yes indeed.

“Heroes rise”, and fall. Of course, a dark human hero/villain is a must! The guy wearing the black cowled cloak is Arthas btw (a veritable paragon of human heroism…)

If I was an unsuspecting RPG fan who had never heard of Panzer Dragoon games and I saw a demo like that flaunting the continuation of a story eagerly awaited by Panzer fans everywhere, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the game. How about you?

I can’t download it!

I think you’ll agree that it’s the best trailer in trailer history, bar none. If only it was longer.

I just watched the new Matrix: Revolutions trailer… and the films looks boring. Agent Smith should’ve stayed dead after the first film. His character feels recycled.

heh…tbh i wasn’t that impressed. I was a good trailer, but I just wasn’t moved I guess. But this is just me, since I never pay much attention to trailers anyway :slight_smile:

(I did however like the PDS fmv sequence that was on Die Welt…)

The opening FMV for Panzer Dragoon is still the best in my opinion. The music that plays as the camera pans over the desert cliffs and the little sand whirl is just to beautiful and to perfect. Not to mention the dargon vs dragon fight and the valiant sky riders last words. This is why i fell in love with Panzer Dragoon.

My fav fmv is the one before the start screen of Saga, I was hooked as soon as I saw it. All the action condensed into such a short time, brilliant!

Well Geoff I downloaded the zip but I get no image just sound :frowning:

Anyways, I’m sure I don’t need to see it to tell you that it ain’t the best intro FMV in the world.

SR2 intro

PDS intro

PD1 intro

…are surely better XP

I’m talking about trailers here. I’m wondering what style of introduction a future Panzer RPG trailer might use. I expect something like the first FMV sequence in PD Saga as I described above (before the start screen).

Trailers should give us glimpses of the story IMO.

Thats true. The trailers for Orta sucked though, except the ones SK made.

Orta trailers did suck…I was just happy to see a new Panzer game really:P

Yeah i loved that too! And the music fit soo well! :slight_smile: