Fun with Boxart

;D Heh, you can prolly tell it’s a cut and paste job in MS Paint.

If the game is as good as the box, we’re a winner!! Love it!!!

Cool :slight_smile:

The GameSpot quote is a nice touch XD

Really neat. The idea gets more and more appealing.

Cool stuff, Feveth. But where was the immortal quote?

***“Created by a German fellow who frequents some Panzer Dragoon forums.”

  • IGN***

Cool work but why change the logo? I think the video had a great logo in the style of Azel: Panzer dragoon RPG, except this time instead of Azel it was Genos :slight_smile:

I didn’t have a way to capture the Genos logo. But oh well, Angelfire stinks like poopoo and now there is just a red X.

Yes they do. They’ve wrecked my image-hosting space for no reason three times already.

For anyone who can’t see the original illustration, here it is, mirrored.
I resized it to make it a bit less massive.

Wow, is all I have to say.

Isn’t “Panzer Dragoon Genos: Panzer Dragoon RPG 2” a little redundant?

A tad. That’s why I asked why not use the original logo which was just
Panzer Dragoon RPG
same as in Saga the japanese version was
Panzer Dragoon RPG

There is software that lets u capture images from media players I believe but I don’t recall any names now… maybe you can look into it so u can capture a shot of the logo from the video and use that…

Great work anyway though

Good stuff.

The logo is pretty much impossible to catch from the video, but there is a large version of the Genos logo at (the “official” Genos site).

The downloads still don’t seem to be working from there, though - it appears that the trailer has been taken off the air :frowning:

This looks really good, if you really made this game for realy youd probally get a better comment from gamespot…I was foole into think this was real for a moment…