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30% of the information in his games is a lie. That’s something to keep in mind when debating various theories. For all we know, Lundi could have been misleading us with some of the information in his diaries (or could have interpreted his visions incorrectly). It adds to the mythological feel of the Panzer world.

I suspect I know why they do that but you’d think I was out of my mind.

Nothing forces you to ask questions more than confusion.

Hi everyone, it’s been some time since I last posted here but I thought I’d drop by and share my latest encounter. I’ve been following the news of Project Draco, now named Crimson Dragon for awhile now and it just happened to work out that I was able to make it to the event in Akihabura to play Crimson Dragon a couple of days ago.

I feel very lucky that the timing worked out well enough that I just happened to be visiting my wife’s family in Japan, and was able to make it to Akiba on this day. I stood in line early for an hour before the event started and was third in line to play the game. I also got a chance to meet Futatsugi Yukio-san, who was watching my performance playing it. After the play of the demo, I had my picture taken with him.

I think it was just by luck that I got a chance to meet him since I think he was on his way out when some game otaku that I had met previously recognized him in the crowd and said to him, “Hey this guy is a big Panzer Dragoon fan who came all the way from America to play Crimson Dragon!”

It was very fun and almost the same type of controls that we are are all used to from the series, only with Kinect controls which i was used to from playing Child of Eden. It’s looks and feels like Panzer Dragoon Orta, with Kinect controls using your body to move around obstacles and dodge enemy fire while using your right arm to lock on to targets and fire, left arm to fire auto-machine gun style shots and two arms raised then down to fire a special attack barrage. I was third in line to play right after someone from the press, I believe might have been from Famitsu, and I scored an “S” ranking, so I feel pretty proud about being able to do a decent play while the creator was watching. : )

I’m grinning ear-to-ear in this photo I think. It’s not every day that you get a chance to meet one of your all-time favorite game creators! Futatsugi-San was very nice and spoke English to me very well telling me that there would be around a hundred different types of weapons and customizations in the game. I can only imagine that this would work like Panzer Dragoon meets Phantom Dust which makes me crave this game more and more. I told him that I really could not wait for this game to come out in America and thanked him for his time in Japanese. He seemed pleased that the news of this game was reaching fans outside of Japan.

Just thought I’d share this to any and all interested. I can describe more details later if you like. I did take about 5 mins of video recording the first player of Crimson Dragon at the event if interested.


Man this just kind of upsets me. I thought I could safely ignore this new game, but now they have the old team members working on it, it turned out to be sci-fi, it looks and plays like Panzer Dragoon, and is graphically gorgeous . . . but it’s for Kinect.

Why couldn’t this be for a real game system? Preferably one I wont have to spend hundreds of dollars getting.

Thanks for sharing this, SkyeWelse :slight_smile: Good to hear that you got to talk to Futatsugi-san at the event.

I haven’t seen any videos of people playing the demo at the event, so I’d certainly be interested in seeing that.

Great story SkyeWelse, I’m interested in seeing that video too.

thanks for sharing , sounds great ! I love that special attack move already XD sounds like they thought of throwing fireballs :smiley:

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]I suspect I know why they do that but you’d think I was out of my mind.

Nothing forces you to ask questions more than confusion.[/quote]

If you want to seed in peoples numbed awareness, considering the critical view on mankind, I can see many reasons for the creators of PD to do this.
OR maybe they did it to make us addict fans and totally succeeded :B

It doesnt lower my respect at all B:

Sure! I’m uploading the video now on YouTube. It still may take some time for it to be fully loaded since the internet connection I have right now in Japan is a bit slow.

The link to the video can be found here:

I’ve decided to make this video unlisted and just for folks who know this link location because I’m not entirely sure it was okay for me to film this since I was asked to not record after recording about 5 mins of footage. : ) One guy in the room said it was fine, so out came the camera… then I guess the supervisor for the event said that only Press was allowed to film anything at the event.


You can move your body back to fly up, forward to fly down, and left and right to dodge/fly as needed. It feels pretty fluid once you get used to the movement controls. The right arm locks onto targets and then you jolt your hand forward to release the missile type shots onto the locked on targets. The left arm controls a automatic, machine gun, type style weapon which is useful for quick kills or incoming enemy fire.

Then, you can save up energy to use a special attack meter that can have quantities more than just one, and this can be released by raising both hands and throwing them both forward towards the screen at the same time.

It seemed like some of these weapons, both right and left leveled up the more you used them, and afterwards when I spoke with Futatsugi-san, he said that in the game there would be over a 100 possible weapons/customizations that can be utilized in the game, so that seems very cool since it reminds me of how in-depth Phantom Dust was as a battle system with all the various types of weapons and attacks that could be performed.

I learned later that my wife’s mother who was standing with my wife at the event apparently was talking with Futatsugi-san for a bit in Japanese and told me that he did say that he wished he would have included some English in the game’s playable demo and was surprised that an American would come to the event to play the game. Maybe that’s good news in the long run for fans who really do want to see this get released outside of Japan. I still have not heard a confirmation of any kind as to whether we are getting this in the U.S. or Europe.

Anyhow, enjoy! : )


There’s no way we aren’t getting it here. Microsoft is an American company and they’re pushing Kinect hard.

The game looks fun, thanks for sharing the video SkyeWelse. I’m clearly going to have to re-arrange my lounge to play this.

thanks for the video and the description! Im sure many of us are grateful you took time to post about your experience!

I just wish it wasn’t kinect… I have CHild of Eden and I play it with the pad all the time rather than the motion sensor. I’m bitter i know.