Freedom Planet

I’m surprised there hasn’t already been a topic for this game. Released last year, Freedom Planet is a fast paced platformer inspired by games from the Megadrive-era. Especially Sonic. It’s a lot like Sonic. In fact, it started off as a Sonic fan game, but the developers wisely rebranded it. But there are also elements from other games. There’s a boost move, similar to the rocket attack from Rocket Knight Adventures, and in places it feels like a Treasure game. Borrowing elements from those (great) games won’t create any complaints from me!

It’s actually a really good game. I recommend it. If you were disappointed by Sonic 4, this closer to what I’d want a sequel to Sonic 3 & Knuckles to me like. My only major compliant is the use voice acting and lengthy cut scenes which I found to be distracting, but you can skip these if you want and just enjoy the gameplay.

I also tried out Shovel Knight which was inspired by NES-era platformers, but I like Freedom Planet a lot more. Perhaps your preference will depend on the games you grew up with.

I actually mentioned this game in my topic “Fan Gaming Gem: Sonic After the Sequel!”

But in short: a worthy Sonic successor! Charming characters, great level design, challenging complex bosses, varied/ fun gameplay, nice soundtrack!

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I was very pleasantly surprised playing through this modern gem. The characters had heart and were very fun, quirky, humorous and diverse in personality.

The levels from what I can remember were designed very well had good enemy and item placement with multiple branching paths to explore. The design and art direction were just gorgeous/ top notch!

And like you said: it did indeed hearken back to that “Treasure” game feel at times. The boss battles were simply amazing! Finding out the strategy to take them out was very rewarding. The game uses wonderful use of color and lighting effects and has good enemy design; which doesn’t get stale. A lot of action happening on screen keeps things interesting and engaging!

I recommend playing as Sash Lilac the main character, as it feels the most fast paced and “Sonic-like” experience! It’s also nice to select from an assortment of different characters though! Adds a lot of replay value!

And it’s no wonder I was drawn to this game. I just sensed something familiar and special about it; seeing how it started out as a Sonic game!

Sorry Solo I thought you knew about this game from my old topic. I would have definitely put it in my top 5 PC games for you to play. But I’m glad you found it!

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