Free web hosting

Would anyone here like free web hosting for themselves or a friend? With TWotA’s new webhost I have ample storage space, and a reasonable amount of bandwidth sufficient for a number of small to medium sized sites.

Hosting would include FTP access, MySQL, PHP4 & 5 and Ruby on Rails support, and shell access for *nix people, and a bunch of other features. URLs would be in the form of or your own domain name if you have one.

If anyone is interested in having their site hosted (for free), or would simply like a place to store their files on the internet, feel free to either post here, or send me a PM/email.

There’s a huge catch somewhere…

Hey Solo, I will soon be joining the army for a year so I was wondering if I could transfer my site on your server as I would like to keep it as part of my portofolio for when I’m back? It won’t get many hits as I won’t be updating it (and it doesn’t get that many now anyway).

Sure thing Alex, I’d be happy to do that. Are you going to keep using your own domain (which you can point to my webhost’s nameservers)? If not, then I can hook you up with a subdomain such as or

If you want your own domain name you have to register, and therefore, pay for it yourself. There’s no support for ASP.NET applications as the server doesn’t run on Windows, and doesn’t have Mono installed. Other than that, there aren’t any catches that I can think of.