Free Metroid Shirt

New, unwashed and unworn. Dark navy blue, US Men’s size Large.

Free to whoever wants it, all I ask is that you cover shipping. I’ll send it anywhere. I do have a dog, so it could have trace amounts of pet hair, but for the most part, it has been living in my dresser drawer. PM me if you’re interested!



The hype for Other M was neat. Liked the live action commercial too. Shame about the game. I’ll relieve you from it if you iron it first. Just kidding, I’ll let some fan have it :slight_smile:

Meaning you want it to give to a fan you know, or you’re relinquishing it?


Yeah, similarly, I don’t even own a Wii and got my first Metroid game (the NES game) earlier this year… I don’t think I’m qualified to wear the shirt. :stuck_out_tongue: