Freddy vs Jason

Is anyone else as excited about this movie as I am? Think about it. Two of the most notorious serial killers in Hollywod battling each other. And neither of them have ever truly been killed. I’m really stoked about the outcome. How about j00?

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No Neil, I haven’t heard of this film. Please elaborate?

my guess: not many of you europeans have heard of this movie yet :_(

My advice: Go out now and watch some of the Friday the 13th films and Nightmare on Elm Street films.

Who’s directing daddy-o?

Why don’t you just go to Shadow?

Since I have yet to see the film, it would be best to go there for a better explanation

You know Neil, the Djinn in The Wishmaster killed both Freddie and the Candyman. Ok both actors played human roles but who cares?

But we’re not talking about the Djinn, we’re talking about Freddy and Jason. Who do you think will win Geoff?

Jason sure has more kills on his record than Freddy does, but Freddy seems to be able to do more, plus Freddy has a grotesque sense of humor .

Jason is a mindless idiot and Freddie is a coward who hides in your nightmares. Why can’t they both just die? :slight_smile:

True, but clearly he’s smarter than the idiot kids that he’s killing off in his movies or else he wouldn’t have such a high kill record :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it would be cool to see Michael Myers (from the ‘Halloween’ series) suprise us near the end and kill both Freddy and Jason.

Michael Myers ownz.

Someone should come along and kill them all! Once they’re dead their bodies should be launched into the sun to ensure that they will never return. But there’s no end to these 80s throw backs. Ah well.

I know a good… man for the job. The predator from the predator movies. He’d have so much fun hunting them into extinction.

No! It should be the Terminator!

The predator would tear their heads off and add them to his trophy cabinet. The Terminator would just look at them and say “asta la vista baby” in a vain attempt to seem “cool”.

But then I suppose if words could kill it would be them. :slight_smile:

[size=200]HELL YEAH![/size]

hmm…one freaky mix of cack would be to put both of them in:P confusing, stupid…but in a way…funny…then have a final showdown between the two, hehe.