Fishing for compliments

…would be the honest topic heading. A more diplomatic one would be “How do you like my writing?” :anjou_embarassed:

Now that I’ve successfully accomplished my first article for TWotA (thanks for all your help, Lance and Solo! :anjou_happy: ), I’m of course interested in refining both my subject matter and mannerisms to endure that my future contributions are of the highest quality.

So, can I open the floor up to the forum? Were you aware of the ‘Emerald Dragon’ (I was shocked to find out the webmasters weren’t - I’d imagined that the plans to Uru were scorched onto their retinas. :anjou_wow: )? Was my article suitably enlightening? Do you think that my evaluations are reasonable ones? Did any convince you?

Feel free to savage it or reccomend me for a peerage - all comments and criticism are appreciated, positive and negative!

I was definitly suprised by the Emerald Dragon article. I had no idea PD was planned to look so dull.
It might explain the US cover art of Zwei, it may have been a very early piece of concept art that they spruced up a little.

It’s highly doubtful that it was actually planned to look like that, it was most propably simply placeholder art (maybe it was even coder art as some people like to call it) simply showing the engine and type of game rather than presenting the actual vision the team had… Most if not all games start off like that.

I actually read the whole thing during my study at school today, I thought it was great and you really covered many details and questions that I might have had. I was going to send you a PM but it seems you’ve already made a topic :anjou_happy: .

WOW- Thanks for posting those! I have remembered those shots for so long but I never kept a copy of any of it- really cool to see it again.

They look a lot like Zwei’s Mechania level …

There was also at one time a shot of the dragon going around a waterfall kind of thing (it reminded me of the waterfalls you are underneath in Orta) - I still haven’t seen that shot ina while.

Again- thanks for posting those. Too bad nobody has video footage-

I’d completely forgotten about the green dragon. I’m pretty sure I have the old magazines with those pics laying around the house somewhere. I had every issue of Official Sega Magazine, and most of the Offical Saturn Magazine’s.