First Panzer Dragoon VR Trailer

The Voyage Record twitter account pimped this VR gaming showcase so I think it will have stuff from the game there at some point. The 30 minute preshow is live now, it showed some new art and stuff I believe, but hopefully that’s not all they will have from this game. 10 minutes or so left for the real deal (at this time).

Edit: so, all they had was that pre-show stuff after all. Nothing substantial sadly. Oh well.

Well, I will definitely give money for more episodes in this game. I know that for sure.

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yeah that is looking good (or rather, good enough!)

Looks promising. Would like to see gameplay footage though.

we should pull the imagery out of that


I am looking forward to seeing more of the concept art.

That’s a good idea @Lagi_Webmaster. We can host the images here.

There’s a news article on Gematsu about the trailer:

And here’s my one:

This is looking really faithful to the visual style of the Saturn Panzer Dragoon games. I’m impressed.

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@Lagi_Webmaster were you planning to extract the art from the trailer? I might be able to make some time to do that, otherwise. It would look good on our Instagram!

I tried to just take snapshots but most of the art is only shown with a lot of text and stuff over it :frowning:

yeah, there werent that many clean shots. I imagine they will probably just release the art as more marketing happens that will be higher res and cleaner

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