"First Flight" (Panzer Dragoon fanart)

Hi all!
This is my first contribution to this site, hopefully not the last! I made this very quick drawing (it is not perfect at all for this reason) for Inktober 2018, with a fude pen, markers and fudegokochi pen. I am a really huge fan of the first Panzer Dragoon and unfortunately didn’t have the change to play Panzer Dragoon Zwei or Saga, but more fanart on these two games will come nonetheless!

I hope you will enjoy it!

My website is: www.onsyzygy.com
And you can find me on Facebook too: Onsyzygy


Nice work there @Onsyzygy. Welcome to the community here, too. :anjou_happy: It’s a shame that you haven’t played Zwei and Saga as they’re two of the best games in the series and are still worth playing if you get the chance.

Published on the website.