First 4 Figures poll

A company that creates and sells collectible figurines is considering making a Panzer Dragoon figure.

You have to request membership to their collector’s club, but they don’t reject anyone
link to the club
link to the poll

They’ve already made several SEGA figures, so they have the ability to talk with SEGA and get this made. Gotta let them know the desire is there!

Hopefully the figurine gets made. But it’s unfortunate that you have to have a Facebook account to vote. Not everyone wants to join the whole of Facebook just to participate in a poll.

I’ve joined the group and put in my yes. I desperately want an official PD figure. Sadly, it seems the group is heavily biased towards much more popular franchises.

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Yeah, I hate Facebook, too. Used my fake account to vote.

Their most popular figure franchises are Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls, so people vote “no” if the proposed figure isn’t one of those.

I’ve tried to explain how pointless it is (and counterproductive) to have a yes/no poll when throwing out figure ideas, they just don’t get it. You can get better more accurate results by just asking people to like the post if you want the figure made, or if you’re set on doing a poll, make the options “definitely yes” and “maybe if…” and encourage users to leave a comment describing what they’d like to see from that particular figure.

People tend to vote the way of the majority, and because these polls are specifically for “lesser known” characters, the majority will always be “no”. This is the 28th week they’ve made this type of poll, and this is the 28th time the “no” votes completely overwhelm the “yes” votes.

You’d think they’d learn.

I won’t be personally promoting the poll here on Panzer Dragoon Legacy since it requires a private Facebook account to participate which is exclusionary of those who wish to avoid joining a large data mining service.

If someone in the Facebook group wants to complain about it on their Facebook page I would be happy to answer any questions they might have here or via email (support at panzerdragoonlegacy dot com).