Finally Played ORTA

I FINALLY got a chance to play Orta recently (by hiring out an XBox and the game).

At first I was a little disapointed, especially with the first Episode, but as I progressed through the game, I found that old feeling of enjoyment and being “in the zone” come back, which I haven’t experienced for a very long time. The game certainly is action packed, which I love.

I’m a little disapointed with the graphics - I mean they are quite good, and certainly work here, but I was expecting more because of all the hype, and because of the power the XBox has udner it’s hood.

I’d already listened to the soundtrack, and whilst certainly suits the game, I feel that it could have been better compared with the music of the previous games. Especially how Zwei’s music used to change with the action or situation at hand. Still it works.

I was a little put off with the new gameplay features added, namely the acceleration and deacceleration, and the dragon morphing because it was kinda of complex, but I’ve since gotten used to it (after beating the game once). I think it adds an interesting dynamic to the gameplay, and brings over some RPG elements from Saga that improve the game.

The story is certainly interesting, although I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen the proper ending yet. I won’t mention any spoilers for those that haven’t played or finished the game, but the ending is a little sad, but it leaves room for another game to follow. Hears hoping they actually make it…

The information in Pandora’s Box is certainly welcome, and I’ve enjoyed reading through it all. The movies and scenes in Pandora’s Box sort of nullify one of the reasons to play through the game more than a couple of times. The submissions are interesting, although not on par with the main game.

Overall I think it’s a great game. As of yet it doesn’t hold a special place in my heart like PDS and PDZ, but its every bit as good as PDE, if not better.

Orta has the best graphics I’ve ever seen in any game o.o I dunno how you can call them disappointing o.o

And you have seen the real ending, as there aren’t multiple ones.

Glad you finally got to play the game. And i do agree with shadow that PDO has some beautiful graphics. Certainly some of the best i have ever seen.

The best I’ve ever seen :slight_smile:

If we are talking proportion then PD1 rivals PDO.No doubt about that IMO

Shame about the lack of multiple endings. I was looking forward to more symbolic visions. However, the ending sets itself up for continuation.

I was hoping for a FMV sequence :'C

An ending for each difficulty level would be nice, but regardless PDO still is a good game.

Technically, their are seperate endings for each difficulty level. ONE picture during the credits is different with each difficulty. In easy you get a picture of Orta and Lagi facing a few Dragonmares. In normal you get Orta and Lagi face to face with Abadd and the Abaddonmare (that’s just what I call the last boss). The hard picture is a Dragonmare corpse on the ground with a group of people gathering around it.

Me too mommeh :frowning:

One of my favorite parts of Orta was when you play as the boy (forget his name) who joins the imperial academy. I really enjoyed how they presented the story with text, great music (especially the pds tracks), and the artwork - that was awesome. I’ve always been a fan of the artwork they show during the ending credits of the PD games.

That would be Iva Demicol, Aitrus. Oh how I loathed his stupid little pod…

Ah yes its been awhile since i played. I did enjoy the level where you had to get water from the river :wink: Now that was fun.

Yes, his little pod is stupid.

What do you know?You haven’t even finished Pandora’s Box!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

From the ending I saw, and the discussion between people here, I’m gathering that there should be a second ending, or more to the one I saw.


The ending I saw showed Lagi falling to the ground and colapsing, then Orta crying out. Then after the credits I saw Lagi’s offspring and Orta walking through an un-PD field. And that was it.

People have mentioned a conversation between the heresy dragon and Lagi. Unless this was during one of the paths in Sestren that I missed.

Sestren path you missed.

Ah ok, thanks for telling me that. Now I’ve got something interesting to look foward to when I buy the game (and a damn XBox - why Sega why?!)

You’d prefer it on a Gamecube/PS2? -_-


You’d prefer it on a Gamecube/PS2? -_-[/quote]

Sure why not :slight_smile:

I mean, opposed to Xbox?