Finally got a good chance to play Orta

Won a Xbox on ebay and have a few issues with the system, but It works for the most part. I got to play orta for almost 3 hours I think im on the 5th level on (normal)… I am enjoying this game very much. Now that I have read the manual and have the glide thing figured out. (and the morph system) This will be even more fun when I start over. Im surprised at how much the gameplay has improved over Panzer 2. Now im going to want a panzer dragoon for my PS3!

Glad you’re enjoying Orta. It is a great game, even though it has a different feel to it than the Saturn trilogy. Although, saying that, I think the battle system is a natural hybrid between Zwei and Saga, with the bosses encounters especially acting as an evolution of PDS’s battle system.

I would agree with the Zwei/Saga hyrbrid or evolution. The funny thing is. This game is techinally old and i think it rocks. That shows you something.

ack! Im on level 8 now…fun game! Ill probably play again tonight…

I just played Orta on Normal with two friends. We had a lot of fun poking the game’s breaks from reality. :anjou_happy: We also finished the whole game and got an S on the last boss!

Thus far, I have only gotten, 1 “S” rank against one of the bosses. Mostly C’s so far. I am on the last level now. Have to try to beat it tonight.

Practice makes perfect. I had to retry every level like 5 or 6 times when I first played on Normal and got pretty horrible scores, haha.

Alright, I also tried panzer dragoon that is included with Orta. Holy crap, that version sucks! Slow and choppy! The saturn version does circles around it. I believe its the PC version on Orta, but it is still terrible.

I found no differences between the two versions regarding slowness and choppiness. The PC/Xbox and the PS2 version have slightly better graphics. The game itself is just as choppy as the Saturn version. Maybe you got too used to the high frame rates of Orta? :anjou_embarassed:

Looks like Ill have to drag out the saturn to see myself. Maybe I did get used to the Orta version. :anjou_wow:

wow, last night took a beating trying to defeat the last boss. 1 Hour and i thought I got to the end so I put my arm up and said “YES!!!” and then I died! LOL

Apparently there is a 3rd form… doh!

Haha! Surprise! :anjou_happy:

Trying on Hard?

[quote=“StrikerX3”]Haha! Surprise! :anjou_happy:

Trying on Hard?[/quote]

Hard? LOL

Try “Normal”!

My reflexes aren’t what they used to be. haha