Final Fantasy Tactics wishes it was half as good as Disgaea2

I’m having a heck of a lot of fun playing Disgaea 2. Okay granted it’s no Shining Force 3 and everything is contrived as hell. But what other strategy game features an army of exploding penguins and a world where commiting crime is a good thing? And level grinding was never this much fun. I’m already at level 76 with only twenty some odd hours of play. Level 99 and a damage cap of 9999 like most RPGs? Psh. Whatever. Disgaea says try and reach level 9999 with damages reaching the billions. There are some downsides. The Item World dungeons =/= fun.

I think I’d like N1 RPGs a lot more if they halved the length of the game - there’s just way too much battling for battings sake.