Final Fantasy on Xbox?

Forbes says so.

Is this a sign of things to come? Considering the PS3’s announced specs, Xbox 360 looks sweeter (though neither will be purchased by yours truly until I see more games), and now it’s very possible that Microsoft will have Square Enix along with numerous other developers on their side. Craziness.

This totally destroys the closed network concept regarding Xbox Live, if they plan on linking with the PS2/PC servers. I’m wrong once again. I suppose this interests me a lot since I currently play Final Fantasy XI on PC, and am interested in how the game will compare to its PS2 and PC counterparts in overall quality.

Well money talks. Sony isn’t the one with the deepest pockets anymore, so it won’t be so easy to bribe publishers for exclusivity deals etc.

Bill Gates has also promised that the release of Halo 3 will coincide with the launch of the Playstation 3. That is bound to steal some of Sony’s thunder.

Microsoft doesn’t seem to be pulling any punches in this round, that’s for sure. I’m actually rather unimpressed with the specifications for the Playstation 3.

Needless to say, more big-budget Japanese RPGs are always welcome.

Let’s just hope that if the XBox 360 does get FF games they’ll be better than the later ones.But this makes me sad.This might be proof that FF is fulcral if you wanna be the king fo the hill.And if that’s true…

I just found out that 360 is going to have FFXI with new high definition graphics, the graphics part wasn’t all that surprising since every 360 game is going to be high definition. Apparently, Sqare-shuddersEnix has showed up having big support for the Xbox 360.

here’s the article

I don’t think the article means it will simply support high definition display, I think it means the graphics will be remade in higher quality. Higher polycounts, higher texture resolutions and the like. That’s how I understand it atleast. I guess it’s an incorrect usage of the term but it’s often used like that as well for some reason.

Let’s have Final Fantasy I - IX re-released on one big-ass compilation please. That way I don’t have to spend money on them.

That’s what I meant, sorry if you misunderstood me, but that is why I used the phrase ‘new high definition graphics’

Ah, sorry, I misunderstood cos microsoft has said how every single x box 360 game will support high definition display modes etc and you wrote in your post how every x box game will have high def graphics. So I assumed you meant the display mode since the graphics themselves depend on the developer of each game more than the power of the console.

It’s no big deal.
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I just saw some footage of FFXI for 360 on gamespot and I think it looks great.

That one video they have linked in there is NOT Final Fantasy XI stuff, despite Gamespot throwing it in there. That was merely a tech demo for the Xbox 360 developed by Square Enix, much like the Final Fantasy VII tech demo for PlayStation 3. You can confirm this if you watch the last 20 minutes or so of the press conference. I can further assure anyone here that what’s shown in that video doesn’t resemble anything I’ve seen in Final Fantasy XI, and I’ve been playing it on and off since 2003.

I’m on a wireless laptop right now, so I won’t download the video, but they showed two videos: one of upgraded FFXI graphics, and one that “shows the power of the Xbox 360.”

If the video was of a city over the water with lots of web-like structures and windows, that was just the tech demo.

Final Fantasy on Xbox 360… interesting. I somehow don’t think that means that the offline Final Fantasy series will come to Xbox 360, although I guess it could happen. Square-Enix possibly made the decision based on the fact that Microsoft currently have a much better online service than Sony.

I wonder if you’ll need to pay for both Xbox Live and the game’s own subscription fee in order to play online, as in PSO Episode 1 & 2 for Xbox. That was a terrible idea IMO. Hopefully Microsoft will allow gamers to simply connect to the Play Online servers through Xbox Live Silver.

I couldn’t see the video because it wouldn’t work on my comp for some reason, but I did see a movie on GS labled gameplay footage under FFXI for 360. I think its probably just the tech demo though now that I think about it.

Apparently I wasn’t wrong after all on the issue of why FFXI didn’t release on the original Xbox. And it seems the Xbox 360 version will be a straight port (of the PC version probably).

I just read on Rumor Control that we can’t really be sure about the graphics on FFXI just yet. Rumor Control Article