Final Fantasy Creator to Work With Microsoft

Sakaguchi has a strong following. Not a big fan of his stuff, but this is definitely one huge piece of help for Microsoft in the Japanese market.

This of course, will lead other developers to follow.

I think this is great news. I won’t lie, i’ve always liked Sakaguchi’s games and think this will be a definite cornerstone in helping the next generation Xbox secure a foothold in the Japanese market, which in turn may or may not lead to other great things.

Well I hope this ammounts to something unlike that True Fantasy Online game that MS abandoned.

Now we just need Microsoft to secure Sega’s exclusive support, which of course, will never happen. :anjou_sad:

Bad idea ,duke. I don’t think Sega exclusivly signing to anyone would be a good idea especially if it’s MS. they already did that in the beginning with the Xbox’s first year and all of their games flopped in comparison to their games on rival systems. Also they were shut out of japan because of the Xbox’s performance.

Now that the ps3 and Xbox2 will be available at the same time, Sega will be able to really cut loose and see if certain franchises will perform well with the mainstream public, If these games are available on a popular and estabilshed formats.

I am curious as to how well Sakaguchi and Mist Walker will do out in market, granted he has a huge name in the industry, I wont hold judgement until I see the products.

But in the meanwhile, This is a excellent move for the X-box in general.

Although I cannot help but laugh as I read the reviews from other people about this subject on the lower part of that page.

“The games will have a Live element, but that’s not to say they’ll have any multiplayer features. They’ll be Live Aware, as will all next generation Xbox games, but the decisions about multiplayer gameplay just don’t need to be made yet. What’s most important is that we won’t force any gameplay ideas. The games will be what they need to be.”

All Xbox 2 games will be Live aware? That’s… interesting.

What’s that anyways?Fable has it but I never even checked it out.

It just lets you see if you friends are online or not from the main menu, I’m not sure if there’s any real gameplay benefit. But I thought Microsoft may be planning something more advanced than that for Xbox 2.

Where does this leave Square’s position on the Xbox2?

Nowhere.I bet Microsoft either tried to convince Square to make games for the XBox2 and got a negative answer or was trying to come up with a solution for the it’s RPG problem rigth from the beginning and “this” was what they found.

Who needs Square-Enix when we have BioWare, Lionhead Studios and Obsidian?

Square not supporting the original Xbox was actually a good thing because it forced other developers to fill its shoes.

Square’s RPGs aren’t God’s gift to the RPG genre anyway, no matter what some “RPG fans” would have us believe. I just hope that Phantasy Star Universe isn’t a Playstation 3 exclusive…

Yes but that only holds up for the western market. Microsoft is obviously intrested in breaking the eastern market specifically the Japanese one which
so far they have failed to do. If the Xbox2 is to suceed by beating Sony, then they are going to need a few more known japanese RPG software heavyweights in it’s corner as well. … -Revealed/

Huh? At first it was supposed to be on all current systems but now it’s been confirmed for just PS2 and PC…

Blue Dragon? Sounds interesting. Depending on how long this game has been in development, E3 might uncover more of what it has to offer gamers.


Huh? At first it was supposed to be on all current systems but now it’s been confirmed for just PS2 and PC…[/quote]

You quoted a 3 month old post there, Alex…

Now that I think about it, PSU might have been better off on the PS3.

What’s that Xbox game, Shining Lore, linked at the bottom of the article?

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]You quoted a 3 month old post there, Alex…

Now that I think about it, PSU might have been better off on the PS3.[/quote]

Heh, I was wondering how the topic got so many replies without me noticing it… I didn’t see it was a revived thread.

/me blames Goonboy Panzer :anjou_angry:

Shining Lore is a Korean MMORPG published by NCSoft. It has nothing to do with Sega’s Shining series.