Favourite game title

So, what is your favourite Panzer Dragoon title? Not the game itself, but just how the name sounds:

Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Panzer Dragoon Mini
Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Panzer Dragoon Orta

I’d go with Saga.

I would also go with Saga…

Mini seems too unimaginative to me, so probably not that… probably not Zwei either, because I’ll always remember that I has no idea how to pronounce it untill a German-speaking friend enlightened me. (I originally thought it was something like “z-wee”, embarassingly enough. Oh well.)

Actually, this has reminded me of something I’ve wondered about in the past: why was the name of Azel changed for the Western market, exactly? I have my suspicions, but did Sega or Team Andromeda ever give an official reason?

Anyhow, my favourite title would probably be Azel; since the game was first announced I’ve thought that it sounded cool.

I didn’t like the game much, but… Orta is actually a good title, imho.

It was ‘Panzer Dragoon Azel’ in Japan, and that is a great title… [edit- I didn’t read Lance’s response before posting…]

Zwei, even tho I also misspronounced it in the begining (even knowing how to spell and pronounce TWO in German!!)(I didn’t associate the two believe it or not!)


For some reason i’ve always liked Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG
but I like Zwei too =S

Was it actually called ‘Panzer Dragoon Azel’? I always thought that it was known as ‘Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG’.

“Panzer Dragoon Azel” would probably have sounded better, in my opinion; the whole “Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG” title does seem like a mouthful.

I like Zwei, 'cause it’s one of those titles where everyone sort of comes up with their own pronunciation (assuming you didn’t know the actual one).

Zwei (which now, embarrassingly enough, have always thought it to be pronounced z-wee).
Followed by Saga for the epic feel
Then Orta.
Mini get no points.

How does one pronounce Zwei? or Blau for that matter?

Zvah-ee (Zwei) and Blah-oo (blau)

Think id need to go with Zwei as my favourite sounding

Saga cos it souns like Sega. :expressionless:

I’d say Saga, because it sounds really Epic, hence the game.

id say Zwei, even tho i thought it was pronounced z-wee right until i read this topic. only owned the game for about 7 years!

May I ask where the hell is the original Panzer Dragoon?

I’ll just stick with Panzer Dragoon, as it initialized the series and doesn’t need any additional support to sound cool.

It sounds cool in my opinion too, but I can’t help thinking TA might have gone for a title that makes more obvious sense… plus, there’s a staggering amount of casual Sega fans who assume that “dragoon” is just a wacky spelling for “dragon”. :anjou_disappointment: Maybe not the best word choice.

As Germany is a neighboring country of ours (Belgium), I never had trouble with the title. XD I keep on pronouncing Panzer in the german way too.
Fave title, ah heck, they’re all great.

since I speak german quite fluently I always knew how to pronounce it, besides that, german sounds really cool so I have to go with panzer dragoon zwei