Favourite attack in Saga?

What was your favourite attack animation in PDS? (Lagi)'s, Atolm’s, any boss.

I forget the name of it exactly, but Drenholm’s when the mirror type things surround you and a laser is shot between them.

Beserker Barage - while protected by a shield =)
Seeing all those lasers deflect out into the sky is coool :anjou_happy:

Atolm Dragon - Hell Storm


Imperial Cannon - Grig Orig

Two pretty nasty attacks.

I always liked “Dragon Phoenix”. Seeing this huge golden dragon coming to Lagi?s aid was an impressive sight.

Yeah, Dragon Phoenix is amazing… although it’s the only spiritual berserk which I’ve seen inflicting varying amounts of damage (with the same dragon stats, of course). Usually packs a fair punch, though - I’ve seen it deal out up to (I think) about 2500 points of damage before! But what are the criteria for this? What enemies suffer worst from it?

Anyways, yeah… I agree, Drenholm is pretty awesome. He controls the weather, of all things - c’mon, he’s gotta be cool! :anjou_happy:

Can’t think of many more at the moment, though. Has there been a topic for the ‘just plain coolest’ enemy? (I bet there has! :anjou_embarassed:).

What enemies suffer worst from it, you ask? Those that have multiple shot-targets on them. Sestren, for example, has three sights where you can shoot him (not including the WEAK dragon), so he gets three main hits then three of the explosions all to himself.

I have a perverse preference for any and every attack dealt towards me - when I have the Reflector Orbs raised. There’s something macabrely and blackly catharthic in witnessing the foe’s deadliest, flesh-flaying, army-scattering, landscape-ravaging furious, relentless assaults peter away to a pathetic naught - and then have the energy they expended get slung back at them nonchalantly whilst I, in a gloriously arrogant exhibition of security, floss Lagi’s teeth. :anjou_happy:

In other words, you like it, right? :anjou_wow:

(And thanks for the explanation, Arcie. :anjou_happy:)

So, just to add a slight spin on the topic, what attack do you guys like best in Panzer Dragoon Orta? For me, it would be the Glide Wing’s berserk attack.

Sestren’s memory attacks have got to be the best out there.The first time I saw the Prototype_D heading towards me I was surprsised to say the least.

I also love the Gigra’s “spears” attack.

As for dragon attacks specifically Plasma Vortex and Onslaught take the price.

From PDO?PDO had something quite unique when you played with Heavy Wing.Using the lock-on laser agehn and agehn was in a way a berserker rage attack.

I guess for sheer brutal-looking power, I’d name the Behemoth’s Deadly Rain attack. However, the poor Saturn doesn’t seem to be able to handle that one very well; either that or the jerkiness is adding to the dramaticity!

Personally, I think Golias are the nastiest looking enemies in the game. Then again, I played the Zwei Episode 3 demo from Sega Flash quite a few times. I still wonder what the black creatures/organic airships are though, and what deal they have with the Golia. I think I’m the only person who really considers that, though… might make me a tad sad! :anjou_disappointment:

Plus, beating a Golia, especially with an Excellent!!, is a good way to get yourself a nice chunk of experience. But why can’t I fight a Golia Hunter??

Anyway, as for Orta, I’ll play that one day. One day! With the news I heard about the XBox 360 being backward-compatible (am I right here?), I figure I’ll just wait until I can get one of those. However, it might be prudent for me to pick up a copy of the game while I (hopefully) still can…

Oh damn, not the Golia Hunter problem AGAIN.

Somewhere in the Mid-north section of the forest there’s a plant section where the radar goes yellow if you have a telepathy shard. Fly around there and you’ll find a Golia Hunter.

Yeah, I got it… eventually. I just mean, it’s considerably harder to come across, even though it has its own specific area. That area’s smaller though and it took me yonks flying around it to come across one. Cheers anyway!

They’re good for training against. Just about to head to the Tower for the second and final time and the dragon’s at level 65. Which is good for me!

I haven’t used any items or gun attachments in this game. There’s no real specific reason, although I find the game easy enough anyway. I do see what you meant about the Pulverizer in your FAQ, though - at least without that I still have a use for lasers!

I always loved the Vengence Orb bezerk, always came in handy :slight_smile:

Heheheh… 3 Dragon Phoenix’s from a spiritual form dragon should beat the (uninfested) Grig Orig.

It’s fun to watch at first, but it strikes me as a bit too much in the vein of pompous FF-style specials that go on for hours. I prefer my attacks relatively short and stylish - Onslaught is a good’n.

Funnily enough considering what someone else said above, I always loved getting hit by Atolm’s Berserker Barrage. It looks so painful :stuck_out_tongue: And Azel’s little ‘nerai’ clip always gives me goosebumps. It seems criminal to dodge it :slight_smile:

Come to think of it, the first time I saw a Holy Sphere I was pretty much awestruck…