Favorite Panzer Dragoon quotes


This is my all time favorite quote:

- Edge


That’s a great quote. So many to choose from, so here are a few of my favourites:

“If the Tower ran our lives there would be no war. But we’re not really living. Just being kept alive.” - Gash

“I merely set the stage. You must fulfill your own destiny, in your own way.” - Craymen

“Those fools. They cannot even handle normal weapons. But there is no one left to stop them.” - Craymen

“I’m not out to murder anyone.” - Gash

“Take a good look at death itself. The flagship Grig Orig. No man should wield such power…” - Craymen


One that sticks out in my head is from Paet:

“I’ll bet he $#!t a brick!”

That murder one from Gash at the Caimus camp site hit me, too. Even in Japanese I was able as a child to understand the weight of the accusation.


The reason I like that quote in particular is because Edge was blinded by vengeance. He was no match for Craymen at that time, and didn’t fully understand his motivations.

But considering everything that happened to Edge and the people he loved, it was understandable. He needed to take a step back and regain his composure.


A Lathum? What’s that!?

The most disgusting thing alive…
That horrible smell!


This reminded me of a dialogue exchange later on:

Edge: I’m sorry about what happened to Craymen…
Azel: Why? Was he not your enemy?
Edge: I thought so at first… But honestly, I don’t know anymore. So many people died in these battles. In the end, Craymen’s death didn’t solve anything.

This is a good example of Edge’s character development. His quest started off as one primarily of revenge, but by the end his motives became much more altruistic.


My favorite quote from Panzer Dragoon happens in about the first 5 minutes of starting PD Saga; when Edge see Azel for the first and says “She’s Beautiful.” When I first saw Azel in the wall like that my initial reaction was “What the Hell is that?” But then Edge had to go and say the most opposing thing to what I was originally thinking, leaving me flabbergasted at how anyone would find think that a mysteries twisted up girl in a wall was “beautiful”? I actually bursted out laughing wondering how the original writers could write something so out of touch for such a moment. It was only later that I found out from a friend that it was the english translators that butchered the text for no apparent reason.


When fighting evil, we must never become it, because then we are no different.

I think Edge finally saw the bigger picture, but Craymen was wrong. His motivations were complicated but the end result of his actions are all that really matter.


I want to see a good ending for Panzer Dragoon Saga where Edge returns and finds his daughter and guides her to happiness.


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