Fantastic PDgames in our imagination

I bet many of you dream of your own game, or taking worlds like panzer dragoon to new areas of its own potential.

I would be nosy to see your visions !

My vision :

Its an idea that haunts me for a long time, and I somehow wonder how it seems not to appear in any discussion , or idea/fantasy threat (so far, to my knowledge) :

A strategy game of panzer dragoon !

philosophical : panzer dragoon nods towards what our times prove over and over again : even with a single hero, there are many hands in the background.
Without seekers and villages, scientists in the past, the blue dragon and his rider wouldnt even exist.
On the other hand it needs strong individuals and drive to change the shape of our future.

What else would be closer to enhance this idea but going from the perspective of the single heroic player to entire parties, simulating the dangerous damaged ecosystem and the conflict inside the remnants of earth ?

-Building puretypes as a tower to represent desire for misanthropic control and scifi-fetish.
-Building Imperials to rebel against natural cause as solo said.
-Building small seeker troops to search for truth and push the blue dragon, working with infiltration and knowledge, maybe collab with drones.
-Building monsters to revel in instincts and raids, exploring mutations (zergrush kekeke).

it would offer many possibilities, loads of rampage (LAZURRRSS).

It could offer the possibility to go for diplomatic acts (hey uh guys, desert around us, food runs out, uh , peace, lets grow herbs, mmmh maybe domesticate that critters that otherwise eat us … ?).


it could work with an engine like valkyrie chronicles to please action fans in combat, offer mmorpg possibilities to please the masses, offer free flights for the flight fetishists .


Anyone has another untypical panzer dragoon wish ? :smiley:
Is it untypical ? XD

I am curious about ur dreams ohoho.

My dreams/wishes are actually much simpler.

What i really want is Panzer Dragoon Origins.

Either an RPG or Rail Shooter, it doesn?t matter, happening in the Ancient Age !

Now people can say it would ruin the mistery, but honestly, if the game was well done, they could come up with an incredible story that would reveal many of the misterys to us while, at the same time, leaving a lot of new questions unanswered.

answers always lead to questions , right on

I wonder if they could manage to pull off diverse levels in origin, but maybe if they show the downfall too. it would/could/should be exciting anyway ! :anjou_happy: