[Fan game topic] Details regarding the project:

{Moved to Seekers’ Stronghold forum as the project is cancelled}

This forum has been set up for members of the Genos development team to share and discuss ideas that we do not wish for everybody and anybody to know. In other words, things that would be classed as spoilers or features that we want left as “suprises” for those who aren’t directly involved.

Current members of the Genos development team, as far as I know, consist of:

Programmer/3D Modeller/Team Leader: Feveth
Story Planners/Script Writers: Lance, Geoffrey Duke, and Solo Wing Dragon

The Aim of the Project:

To create a short 3D RPG in the style of Panzer Dragoon Saga that is no more than about 3 hours.

The Basic Aim of the Storyline:

To tell of Azel’s quest to find Edge and ultimately create Orta, thus filling in the gaps between Panzer Dragoon Saga and Panzer Dragoon Orta.

I’ll update this plan as we become certain of more details concerning the game.