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I recently uploaded the first three chapters of my fanfic, The Fall of the Lost Civilisation. I was wondering what people thought of the story so far. It would be really cool to get some feedback from anyone who’ll take the time to read it (and it might motivate me to get the fourth chapter out a bit quicker).

Also Sharp Edge and Gehn have started their own stories… they’re all here:

And folks, you aren’t dreaming, mine still isn’t finished.

Just one thing about my fanfic(don’t worry Solo I’ll tell you something after I read yours) :it is not suposed to be play style!

Even if the first chapter seems so…

I shall never mention it’s play like appearance again :slight_smile:

I was actually wondering about your fanfic the other day Arcie. It’s still worth finishing it, even though it my not be exactly in tune with the events of PDO. Fanfics exist to provide readers with a possibility, not “fact” and it was quite an enjoyable story too.

ditto -_-

As anyone read my fan fic.

I wanted to know if the fact of the episodes beeing short is contributing for people to read it…

[quote=“Endow (aka GehnTB)”]As anyone read my fan fic.

I wanted to know if the fact of the episodes beeing short is contributing for people to read it…[/quote]

You criticize mine without even reading it, I won’t bother to read yours ^^

I was kidding I told you that.

[quote=“Endow (aka GehnTB)”]As anyone read my fan fic.

I wanted to know if the fact of the episodes beeing short is contributing for people to read it…[/quote]

I have. It looks neat so far. Though I don’t get what the “Caelum Suos” thing was. Too lazy to look that up…Or maybe I wasn’t paying a lotta attention. Dunno.

And yes, shortness=happy

“Friend of the Sky”

I will finish my fanfic one day, just for the sake of finishing it. Between now and then though, I have more important things to do.

That’s good to hear, Shadow.

waits for feedback so he can start chapter 4 of his own fanfic

If you wait for feedback you’ll never finish it. I think I told you awhile ago that I intend to read everything on this site someday, and I still have to do it.

Depends how long feedback takes to arrive. But you’re right, I shouldn’t wait for too long.

Start writing now, I would. Better to finish it than not.

I’ve read the first chapter Solo, it’s very well written, I like the start of the story and I can see what it’s heading toward…I think.
Only one thing, the prologue, is it all “true” or did you make up the part about the world ending before the ancient age began? And if the world did end before the Ancient Age don’t you think you made humans a bit too advanced in order to be able to make the Towers just 200 years after the end of the world?:slight_smile:
I was under the impression that since the ending of the Ancient Age was the plan of the Ancients after all then the towers were made just for that purpose, to end the world at that point and then re-construct it to be habitable again ready for the Ancients’ return… So if that’s the case then they weren’t made after some previous world catastrophe…
All the rest things I like, just not sure if you should add that kind of plot elements like in the prologue (if you did add it by yourself after all and it kinda sounds like it but it might just be me remembering/thinking things wrong)

Yeah, the thing about the end of the world in completely “fiction” :slight_smile:
In the story I’m saying that the humans who escaped the old world (a different planet) were very advanced… it’s not like the end of the Ancient Age where humans have no technology, on the old world they were very advanced with spacecraft capable of traveling to other planets and stuff so the people who formed the Ancient civilisation already had the technology to build the Towers… with a large number of Ancient machines the Towers wouldn’t have taken too long to construct.
I see that I haven’t really been too clear in describing exactly how the old world ended and what it was like… it isn’t overly important to the story after all (the focus is the Ancient Age itself). Perhaps I should talk about it more in a later chapter?

Yeah I agree with Shadow.I’m not expecting many people to read my fic anyways.Btw, I’ve written episode 3 already Solo but I won’t give it to you tonight cause it needs some brushins.

So much do I forsee myself writing… yet little reading… I think I shall only read fan fictions that are completed.

In other words, only one of the fanfics on The Will of the Ancients :slight_smile: