Fan Comic

I and another member of DeviantArt are aiming to produce the Panzer Dragoon series as a On-Going Manga. It will start with zwei and also give some slight backstory to certain events, such as Lundi’s life before the Shelcoof attack. Anyone with suggestions or critique will be listened to. :anjou_happy:

Good luck with your project. I’m interested in seeing how it comes along.

Be sure to read the translated World document, which explains much of Lundi’s background, as well as the other translations in that section.

Thanks for that insight, I feel that a lot of research needs to be done in order to do the series justice.
Also I need to play Saga again, but it’s so damn expensive.

Another note, me and the proposed artist are discussing on how to represent the Mystery Rider. I’m leaning towards him being Lundi and the artist to him being a Drone.
Mayhap anyones suggestions towards what he should be? Would help greatly and maybe set in stone for the future.

Would it be possible for you to leave his identity ambiguous? Sega already confirmed he isn’t Lundi :frowning:

Thats what the artist said. I really am not fussed in the whole matter (It would just be awesome if it was Lundi).
But one of theideas we had was to expand upon the fight from the FMV of Eins, therefore we need to give the mystery rider just a bit of background. One of the things i thought about doing to that is making him know bits and pieces that Lundi or someone close to him would know/only a drone would know. Just to leave some form of ambiguity.

Perhaps you could show that scene from Keil’s perspective. No doubt Keil would have had his own theories about who this mysterious rider was; expanding on this would add depth to Keil’s character while leaving the Sky Rider’s character untampered with. I think a great part of the Sky Rider’s appeal is not knowing who he is (although we have our theories).

i dont want to tell you have to draw it or anything, but you may want to look at the arzach comics here if your looking for a style to draw with(there drawn with iindia ink and crow quill on watercolor)
the art to me really gives that sense mystery and wonder the panzer dragoon games do so well.

Oh right the Moebius stuff, I’m just writing the scripts the other guy is doing the illustrations. … e-89644560 This is one of the artists pieces, he already has a PD comic strip pending publication on a sega fan-comic.
Also that i s a very good idea as you really don’t get to see any personality in Keil at all through Eins.