Fallout 3 is COMING

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Thank you Interplay. I can’t wait.


Thank you Interplay. I can’t wait.[/quote]

It looks like Interplay will be liscencing the game out to a third party developer, like Troika. Although most of the people who worked on the game were fired, the resurrection of Fallout 3 (a 50% complete game by all accounts) is indeed good news.

Well, I wouldn’t be 100% certain that they will use the already completed content, it might be already outdated (in their eyes) or even still not worth it to them in that form so ask the new company to do it from start… Troika would be good yes ^_^…

The graphics engine Black Isle created for Fallout 3 is state of the art. Something like 90% of the game’s dialogue was already written, and when Black Isle was downsized by Interplay (a few months ago) Fallout 3 was a year away from completion. By PC RPG standards, Fallout 3 should still look great (the game basically looked like the previous games but was entirely 3D).

I do believe Troika is the likeliest candidate for the job of finishing Fallout 3, especially in the light of Tim Caine’s desire to buy/rent the Fallout rights from Interplay or finish the game Black Isle started. Nothing is certain, but it would be fitting if Troika was given the task.

I have faith that Fallout 3 will be dealt with properly. I can’t wait for post apoclyptic rpg goodness. Nothing is more satisfying then successfuly sneaking and picking someones pocket, or unlocking that troublesome door.

If pickpocketing and sneaking around is what you enjoy the most you should play the Thief games Aitrus :slight_smile:
I don’t know how good Thief 3 will turn out after the failure of *DX:IW *but the company has a track record of good titles and I’d like to consider IW as an “accident” of sorts… So I hope it will be atleast as good as the previous games albeit with improved gfx etc ofcourse (as, hopefully, they have corrected the engine from IW and it will run smooth this time)
Anyway, Thief 1 and 2 are great games, their graphics aren’t very good anymore (especially the original’s) but the games themselves are still very much enjoyable, I suggest you atleast download a demo of Thief 2 to try it out, very atmospheric games once you get the hang of the art of sneaking pickpocketing and looting while avoiding pesky guards :slight_smile:

Also if you own the *original Unreal Tournament *there’s a very good mod for it called Thievery which is pretty much Thief except multiplayer, with the main game mode being a team of sneaky thieves that are equipped with various gadgets trying to steal the loot in various areas of the level while the Guards which are combat focused try to stop them. The gameplay is really great though unfortunally I don’t have my UT CD anymore to be able to play it.
You get cool gadgets like lockpicks to unlock doors (they take a little time and do noise so you should maybe steal a key instead;), rope arrows where you shoot them in a high place and then a rope falls down vertically from it and you can climb up to reach high areas. And the Thieves turn pretty much invisible in shadows however the Guards can carry/throw flares around that reveal them. And then the thieves also have water arrows and can put out torches on the level to make an area darker! It’s very intense!

They are making an *Unreal Tournament 2004 *version (though they won’t keep the gameplay identical, they don’t want to make the same game twice) called NightBlade but they had to take out some features like the water arrows cos of the weird way the engine handles dynamic lighting (it goes through walls and doesn’t cast shadows from objects) but they have made up for it with new planned game modes and such, I can’t wait for it!!!
Here’s their site if you care btw:
The first two mods are for UT2k4, they are all quality stuff, Alien Swarm sounds quite awesome as well. Can’t wait for the release next month or so ^_^… NightBlade will take longer than that.
The last mod listed is the old UT version which is ofcourse released a long time now and is very fun even on the outdated UT engine. If you have it, dig up the CD and make sure you download this until the 2k4 version is done :slight_smile:

I’m a bit skeptical about Thief III: Deadly Shadows because the game itself uses both first person and third person views. I hope the developers don’t focus less on one view and more on the other, but ensure that both are viable as far as the gameplay goes. I loved both Thief games and am looking forward to the third installment. I always knew that Garrett was a good guy deep down beneath his greed-ridden nature. Was it me, or was the story of Thief II just a hell of a lot weirder than the first game? Still, traversing rooftops and following people while remaining in the shadows has never been so much fun.

I’ve read that Interplay may hand the reins to Fallout 3 to Silver Style Entertainment (which is currently developing The Fall), but I still think Troika is the likeliest candidate for the job of finishing the game. I just hope wheoever is given the task ensures a quality product and does the Fallout series justice.

Interplay is also developing another Fallout Action/RPG for the Playstation 2 and Xbox, which is completely unrelated to Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel (thank God). What was Interplay thinking when they developed [and rushed out] that piece of garbage?

I’ve just reinstalled Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption for the PC, and I must admit I’d almost forgotten how good it is. The music is especially epic. The last time I played the game my PC could barely run it in the lowest settings. Now I’m running it in a high resolution with detailed character models and it still looks great even by today’s standards. It’s a shame this game is so linear and it’s a greater shame that it was never converted to the Dreamcast.