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I just thought people here would be interested in this as, according to CVG atleast, it’s an adventure game that is a true work of art… See what you think yourself :slight_smile:

Is this a game based on something else (like a movie etc…)?
Am I supposed to know Cage?

No, it just has the same name as Michael Moore’s documentary so I made the distinction in the title…

I’ve played the demo of this on the Xbox, and it really seems to be something special. Sort of like Shenmue, so I might pick it up at some point.

At first I was afraid this was going to be about the Sega CD game. This actually looks good though.

I’ve read reviews of Farenheit in both GamesTM and PC Gamer, and both of them were positively glowing. The consensus between these two magazines’ evaluations is that it’s a gloriously imaginative title which, whilst flawed, deserves all manner of laudatory praise for being sufficiently bold to defy the norm of gaming and for being an excellent game ahead of the competition, despite its faults. They also consider it to be a modern iteration of the point-and-click adventure (which is no bad thing by any means), and both also highlighted that there are some sections so viscereal and others so, erm, quite in flagrante that it would give that oafish cur Jack Thompson a coronary (if only it would, then we’d be rid of the imbecile for good. :anjou_sigh:).

Either way, given those two hagiographies I’m certainly placing Farenheit on my “to-buy” list.

EDIT: Whoops, I meant THOMPSON, not Tramiel! :anjou_embarassed:

Hmmm…modern point and click. Looks promising. I was gonna download the demo to see how it was but it was too large. Now you have piqued my interest so I may after all…