Fahrenheit 9/11

Man, this movie was amazing.
I thought it was far better than Bowling For Columbine (which I didn’t like that much). I know many people don’t like Moore because he “lies” but that can’t really be said about this movie since it’s mostly stock footage.

I think everyone needs to see this movie, especially if you’re a pro-Bush conservative. I honestly can’t imagine anyone supporting him after seeing this movie. It’s the best documentary I’ve ever seen.

Also, please don’t criticize the film until you’ve seen it.

i’m planning to see it, i think moore is probably the most important moviemaker in the world today. on the subject of politics, my views are not inline with democrats, republicans, or green party- though in my opinion democrats would lead the world to a less terrible future :wink:

I don’t think the movie will change anyone’s mind at al, most Americans I know just consider Moore a “traitor” or worse things and would just insult him no matter what rather than sit and think about what he says/shows in front of them.
Imo he’s been doing a great contribution to the people with all his books and documentaries even if most of them don’t understand that and I’m deffinitelly going to watch this one as well when I get the chance. Deffinitelly more informative than a year of watching news channels heh…

The value of this movie is that it will, hopefully, push people off the fence. The Bush-supporters are going to ignore it as lies, and the anti-Bush folks already agree with it. It’s the people who don’t have a dead set opinion yet who may be convinced. This election is going to be very close, and Moore’s movie could have an impact. We’ll see.

I saw it Friday, by the way.


Funnier before they took out the more adult content, but nonetheless…

edit: There is still some adult content, so I don’t recommend it for the ultra conversative.

i don’t know what it means but at least in theaters aroun here, the seats have been near full for every showing since it came out. i think the movie is actually doing well, old people and young people alike are going to see this movie in numbers that are startling to at least me.

it would take an uber republican to dismiss this movie as lies, a lot of the more revealing segments are simply footage of bush; not taken out of context, without unfair narration, just bush… being himself.

I bet a lot of that footage was already available however, no? For example, people just didn’t care that Bush was having a laugh with the people in that office and trying out different “serious looks” before announcing that the war on Iraq was just beginning. That didn’t lose him any support. Nor those incidents with thinking the microphones were shut but in fact weren’t and he was heard saying imporper stuff (I don’t recall what by now)
So in that sense I still don’t think a lot of ppl will change their mind Megatherium. Just people like what Bluefoot described I guess.

A great deal of the war footage in the movie has never been seen before, and in my opinion, that’s the stuff that’s going to change minds. It’s pretty brutal.

I plan on seeing it, but I don’t really like Bush already >.>. It’s not just him though… I don’t like politicians in general… Plus “Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?” is one of the most ironic and inane things I’ve heard T_T. But still funny ^_^.

i ended up seeing it again so i thought i’d post again :smiley:

it reminded me of why i started writing this short novel about a year ago… i got 3 out of 5 chapters done (of the first draft) then went on hiatus. it was about a guy who organizes a coup on the US government but some things go awry…

i also got to thinking, how many people in the movie could have done a better job of running the country than bush did. at the end of the movie i realized that the two people that i did not consider candidates were osama and saddam. :confused:

Not a fan of Moore at all, and doubt I be watchin the film.

Don’t need to see the film, to know what a losser and toss pot Bush really is.
If only the American people could see the damage that tw8t is doing to America image on the world stage.

The man can’t string 2 words together, thinks the leader of Pakistan is called Mr.General.
Can?t get in the presidential helicopter with out bumping his head. Hell he can?t even eat a packet of crisps tidy LOL.
What a looser

You’re right, let’s judge people by the way they talk!

Sure, it’s not nice to judge, but when the LEADER of your country can’t use proper grammar, it’s pretty disheartening.

Anyone else seen the “Fool me once…” clip? Those of you who have seen the movie know what I’m talking about, but that clip was on the Daily Show a long time ago. It’s really, really sad.

Bush can?t even get that part right. Also even when he?s taking on difficult, and sensitive matters, he has that stupid little sly grin on his face.

He?s ok when reading he speeches, goes down him drastically when he has to answer question on the fly.

I hate Tony Blair but at least that man can speak publicly, without relaying on people telling him what to say.

You know what’s USA’s problem?

Governmental Presidence.

Too much power gathered in one man.

Okay, I’m just back from the cinema. Since I’m no US citizen, I’m not really the target group of the movie, but it was very impressive.

I’ve already seen “Bowling for Columbine” on DVD and read “Dude where’s my country?” and I have to say it makes you think. Plus it’s technically well done worth your bucks for the cinema whether you agree with him or not.

Sometimes I don’t like Michael Moore’s style of getting his material, and his approach is not really subtle, but for a documentary it doesn’t have to be.

Gehn, I always thought about the US president as some kind of “king” of the nation. His powers a similar.