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I recently added 6 extra FMV images to the Drones section including images of the Dark Dragon rider at a distant and up close, and four cool images of Azel (two while she’s riding Atolm). The style of writing went through the car wash, too, resulting in much cleaner text. I wanted to know what everyone thought of the section itself. Was my description of the Dark Dragon rider a tad bit long winded? Be brutally honest. Personally, I’d like to write more about Azel.

Drones: panzerdragoon.net/factions/drones.php

Also, I added 3 extra images to the Sky Rider section including a shot of the green particles his chest wound emits before his demise, and a very interesting emission of green energy emanating from Azel when she activates the Tower of Uru:

The Sky Rider:
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Compare and discuss:



Here’s what I wrote about the latter FMV snapshot:

“The moment Azel awakens the Tower of Uru she appears to be the epicentre of a sudden profusion of green energy. The light pervades around her quickly expanding in circumference. Conversely, the energy is a darker green than what the dying Sky Rider releases, but a no less intriguing coincidence. The truth, as ever, remains to be seen”.

I’ll tell you something when I finish reading this Geoff. :wink:

The Factions section is doing great Geoff. Your summaries and drones and the Sky Rider were long, but they did cover some important issues. Personally, I would actually like to see more on the Dark Dragon’s rider, but unfortunately there isn’t much more left to be said about him.

Btw, do you still want me to do a summary on the New Empire? I’ve already started it so I’m just making sure.

Red it and I too thought i was a little big…
? think when people are in search of a theory they are looking for something that sums up the whole matter…

But apart from that it’s cool and I confess (not beeing en english natural speaker) that I had to see the dictionary for some of your more poetic words :slight_smile:

wait a minute geoff. I just noticed something important missing from your drone faction. You wrote NOTHING about Abadd. I highly suggest including something about him, seeing as he WAS after all, one of the main characters in Orta.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Yeah, I feel I did write a little too much about the Dark Dragon rider. However, we can never write enough about Azel because she has so much depth. The text I devoted to her is fine.

Solo told me about the green light Azel emits when waking up the Uru Tower and I felt it needed to be included and that something needed to be said about it. What did you think about the captured moment? I can’t believe I failed to notice the energy. The evidence supporting the theory that the Sky Rider was a drone is overwhelming now. And it’s all nicely compiled.

Neil: By all means keep writing. Hopefully we can capture some expressive FMV imagery.

As for Abadd, I only wanted to cover the drones seen in the Saturn games. Solo might have a tale to tell when its comes to Abadd himself.

There is almost enough drones in Panzer Dragoon Orta for a seperate summary in itself! I probably won’t be writing anything about them anytime soon (I am working on three other factions summaries at the moment) but if anyone here wants to write one feel free (just let me know first so that we don’t get any double ups).

The drones summary is good, just the right length IMO.

Personally the one I enjoyed reading was the one regarding the pure bred monsters. The Zoology of the game is my main interest.

I want gather together some more imagery pertaining to the ancient bio-weapons, as they are so intricately designed.

I find describing shapes next to impossible without using a familiar point of reference. Like the robotic guardians throughout PD Zwei episode 4: they look like flying metallic hazelnuts.

I bet it’s easier to make comparisions with your frame of reference.

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Glad to help

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Pick me daddy! ME!

You’d like to write a “New Drones” summary then? Sure, go for it :slight_smile:

yay =)

I just broke up the text in the drones section that I wrote about the Dark Dragon rider and cleaned it up a bit more. It’s quite readable now.

Also, I’ve overhauled the Lundi section by rearranging and adding extra images, and making minor text additions.